How To Learn About the Types of Window Shades

Window shades have a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Window shades are made to completely block outside light. Unlike curtains, a layer of blackout lining is added to the shade. These can also be used to simply filter the amount of light that you want to get in the room. Aside from this, window shades can afford the inhabitants of the room a great deal of privacy once the doors are shut and the shades are drawn--outside light and sounds are shut off.

Shades are popular nowadays, not only because the price is affordable, but also because they come in various colors, textures and styles that can blend into any room. Although some types of window shades are made of more expensive material, the variety of window shades available, especially in hardware stores, means you can choose which style you prefer. Here's how to choose the right window shade for your living space.

  1. Roman shades are elegant and beautiful when hung on a window. The "hobbled" or "teardrop" style of classical Roman shades is in neatly sewn folds, which may be in Flat or Classical style.
  2. Cellular shades, also known as Honeycomb Shades, are made of two or three pieces of layered fabric that are pleated and formed like honeycomb shapes. These create pockets of trapped air. With the addition of a layer of light filtering fabric, the insulation capability is doubled.
  3. Pleated shades are a less expensive choice of shades compared to cellular shades, but the pleated shades have almost the same benefits and advantages. Pleated shades also filter light, and a blackout fabric can be added to it so that there is complete light blockage. Although pleated shades may not be as good insulators as the cellular shades, the pleated shades still keep hot and cold air out of rooms.
  4. Roller shades can easily roll up, and can be pulled down. They use a spring mechanism that you can easily pull. Roller shades may be made of vinyl, fabric, or laminate. Insulating roller shades have thicker blinds while those that are only used to provide privacy can be much thinner.
  5. Woven wood shades are made of natural materials like wood, fiber or even grasses. These type of shades help bring nature and a feel of the outdoors into a room. They can be easily raised or lowered using a cord, which has a stopper to keep the shades even halfway open.

Maintaining window shades in a room means you have to keep them clean. Some people are satisfied when they just dust off their window shades and wipe off the really noticeable dirt on their shades. You can maintain your window shades by:

  1. Gently pulling the cord up and down once a week to maintain its functionality.
  2. Dusting the shades from top to bottom, front and back, at least once a week with a soft cloth.
  3. Washing the window shades (both sides) with a cellulose sponge dipped in sudsy water. Make sure a large plastic drop cloth is ready to absorb any drips under the window shade. Then wipe the wet window shades with soft clean cloths when done.

Using window shades means you don't need to close the shutters to have privacy. Although cleaning is quite a tedious job, it's rewarding after seeing your entire window shades clean and dust-free.


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