How To Apply for Medicare Plan Part B

Aside from keeping order in the country, the US government is also tasked to assist citizens in getting healthcare.  The US government is able to provide proper assistance through Medicare, a standardized program to assist certain people who really need financial assistance in order to get appropriate and acceptable healthcare.  Medicare is a federal program that provides insurance to citizens eligible for it.  The funding of the program is actually acquired by mandatory deductions on every working citizen’s salary or wage.  

Now, Medicare is composed of parts A and B.  Part A is responsible in providing financial assistance to citizen for hospital facilities and expenses.  Part B, on the other hand, provides financial assistance for professional medical services and other fees not included in Part A.  

Here are some steps on how to get yourself enrolled for Medicare Part B.

  • Know if you are eligible.  In order to be eligible for Medicare Part B, you will have to be eligible for Medicare Part A.  Technically, if you are above the retirement age of 65 years or are disabled, you will automatically be eligible.  In fact, you will probably be automatically enrolled.   Of course, you will have to be an American citizen which should not even be mentioned.  In some cases, people who are below the retirement age can be eligible provided that they are suffering from severe diseases or are legally considered as disabled.  Once you are eligible for Part A, you can enroll for Part B.  Now, unlike Part A, Medicare Part B is not free.  There will definitely be a premium in order to maintain the benefits you can get for this plan.
  • Enroll for Part B.  This process is pretty simple.  You can visit the nearest social security branch and apply on-site, or you can explore the option of applying online through their website.  Either way, you will need to supply them with the necessary information to process your application such as your annual income, birth date, citizenship, and marital status.  If you are living abroad, then you will need the assistance of the US embassy in the particular country you are living in.
  • Finalize the payment details.  While enrolling, this will be the time when you should inquire about the premiums for the plan.  Normally, the premium amount will be based on your average annual income.  The higher your income the higher your premium will be.  To finalize your enrollment, you will have to choose your payment mode.  If you are cashing in your social security checks already, then the premium can be debited from that.  If not, then you can discuss an alternate payment plan such as auto debiting your bank account or credit card every month.  There is also an option for manual payments wherein they will send you a billing statement and you make payment manually every month at their designated payment centers. 

Bear in mind that there will be schedule periods for enrollment for this plan.  Upon enrollment to Part A, you will be given around 6 months to apply.  Otherwise, you will have to find out the next schedule for enrollment.  Make sure that you apply on time or else your premium will increase based on how late you apply for it.


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