How To Ask for Donations

If you are the head of a non-profit organization, one of the skills that you need to learn how to do is to ask for donations. This may seem like a difficult task but if you believe in your causes, you shouldn’t have a hard time asking for donations from other people. With just a few simple tips, you can already start asking for these donations. Find out how to do this with these easy steps.

  • Make a list of donors. Make a list of the donors that you think will be interested in making donations to your organization. It is best if you tap into other entities that have something to do with the cause of your organization. You can list down big companies, private individuals and business owners. Take note of their contact numbers and addresses. Do not hesitate to contact an individual or a company. You are doing this for a good cause and every donation counts.
  • Know your goals. Determine your goals for the organization. The donors need to know where they are donating their money. Introduce your organization and let the people know your causes. This should be clearly stated. You have to have a vision and mission statement for your organization. Explain your causes and the people that you help in your organization.
  • Donation letter. Write a donation letter to give out to prospect donors. Keep the letter short and concise. If possible, tell a story with a few paragraphs to touch the hearts of the reader so that you can get donations. Make the letter formal and then ask some donations that will help the organization. Mail the letters to the addresses of the list that you made earlier. You can go door to door to give out the donation letters so that they will see your hard work and dedication to the cause that you are fighting for.
  • Fund raising program. Another way to get donations is to hold a fund raising program. Think of an activity that will benefit the organization and at the same time let the guests have fun. Set a goal for the program if you need to reach a certain amount of money for the donations. Advertise the donations through posters, word of mouth and letters to the donors.
  • Updates. After you have raised some money, make sure that you provide the donors with updates on how much you raised and where the money is going to be spent. Also, do not forget to send the donors thank you notes for their attendance in the fundraising and for making donations for your organization.

These are the steps that you can follow if you want to ask for donations for your non-profit organization. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to carry out a fundraising event. You need all the volunteers and help you can get so that you will end up with a successful event. Keep a list of all the donors so that you can contact them another time when you hold another fundraising activity or when you need donations.


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