How To Convert AVI to WMV Files

AVI or Audio Video Interleave is a multimedia container format that supports both video and audio data within a single file.

WMV or Windows Media Video stores the video content of a file in a compressed format. This is highly used in video streaming over the Internet.

Given that WMV generates the same output but with a smaller file size, people tend to prefer it to AVI. It is easier and faster to download and upload due to the size. And aside from saving on file space, WMV can be easily played in most media players in your computer, especially Windows Media Player.

To know how you can convert your AVI files to WMV, read the steps below.

  • Materials that you will need:
    • Desktop computer or laptop
    • File conversion software application
  • Getting started. Turn on your computer. Make sure the AVI file that you would like to convert is saved on your computer.
  • Search for a conversion software. If you still do not have one, search for a file conversion software application in the Internet. Choose one that is easy to use and also fits the purpose. If your sole purpose is to convert from AVI to WMV, there is no need to look for extra features. These add-ons will only add to the total cost of the software. Buy only what you need. You can purchase the software online or in the nearest computer shop. Install the software by following the series of pop-up menus. You may need to restart your computer for the changes in installation to take effect.
  • Launch the conversion software. Open the conversion software by double clicking the software icon. You shall be presented the Home screen. Choose to convert a new file. You may be asked what type of conversion you need.
  • Load the AVI file. Once you try to start a new file conversion, you will be asked for the original file. Locate the AVI file from the different file folders in the browser box. Click on the AVI filename and the OK button. In some cases, you can click and drag the file into the application window.
  • Start the conversion. The application will ask you what file type you want to convert your file into. This can be presented as a list with radio buttons or a drop down box. Choose WMV from the list. Wait for the file conversion to take place. The duration of the conversion depends on the file size or video length of the original AVI file. Other factors that can affect the speed of the conversion are the computer and WMV configurations. These configurations are often adjustable under the Settings command. Normally, a progress indicator is displayed on your screen to know how much percentage is already done.
  • Test the new WMV file. As soon as you get a confirmation that the conversion is done, launch your Windows Media Player. Click on “File”, and then “Open” from the file tab. Choose the new WMV file you have created. Play the entire video to make sure that the video has been properly and completely converted.

If you are not that familiar with the configurations and settings of the conversion software that you have, it is best to leave the default settings. Read the Help page of the application in case you need more guidance.


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