How To Create Chloroform

Chloroform is a colorless liquid that is used as a solvent. It is commonly used in refrigerators, photography developing and dry cleaning. The chemical is also present in pesticides and disinfectants. You can create your own chloroform mixture at home with just a few ingredients. Take not that this procedure is dangerous and you have to follow the steps to the letter. Do not do this in front of kids and make sure that you have good ventilation in your work area.

  • Materials to prepare. The materials that you need for making chloroform include bleach, pure acetone, ice and a glass container that you no longer need. You need to wear work gloves, work goggles and dust mask while you are making the chloroform to be safe.
  • Mix ice and bleach. Measure about a liter or so of bleach and place it in the glass container or until it reaches near the rim of the container. Make sure that you provide some space on top. Afterwards add ice to the bleach. The ice will decrease the temperature of the bleach so that it is slightly colder than room temperature. Set aside this mixture for a while.
  • Add the acetone to the mixture. You need pure acetone for this and not the one that you use as a nail polish remover. The ratio of the mixture should be 1 part acetone is to 50 parts of the bleach that you poured in the glass container. Add the acetone to the mixture that you prepared earlier. Check the temperature of the bleach. You can add more ice to the mixture if the temperature is warm.
  • Wait for the reaction. The bleach and the acetone will react with each other and clouds will form in the glass container. You will also notice that the mixture will be hotter. Set aside the chloroform mixture for about 15 to 20 minutes. Do not leave the room since you have to watch for the reaction. Check every once in a while and touch the glass container if the mixture is too hot. You do not want the mixture to heat up. Add more ice to the mixture if it is too hot. Wait for the powdery substance to settle at the bottom of the container.
  • Get the chloroform powder. Once the powdered substance has completely settled, you can get the chloroform. Remove the liquids from the container but do it carefully so that the chloroform at the bottom will not go with the liquid. Afterwards, you can place the chloroform powder that has settled in a dark glass bottle and use a funnel to separate it from the other liquids. You can keep the chloroform powder for up to a week.

These are the steps in making chloroform. Know that you should do this only if you know what you are doing. Handling chloroform without the right knowledge can cause accidents. Take note that chloroform is bad for the health and for the environment as well.


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