How To Create Imvu Clothes

IMVU, or Instant Messaging Virtual Universe, is a beta social networking website that is made available in 2004. The primary goal of IMVU is to gather people from all walks of life to join the network, chat with other users and play their online games. IMVU is differentiated from other social networking sites because you get to experience a three-dimensional chatting and playing.

IMVU uses unique avatars for users to use. An avatar is a common computer jargon that refers to an animated representation of you. An avatar is usually referred to as your alter ego as you use this to represent you in using the networking site. Having a great avatar can attract other users to add you up.

Avatars are great since you can dress up easily, change your hairstyle instantly and even put out of this world backgrounds on them. IMVU allows users to change avatar clothing easily.

You will need an IMVU user name and password before you can work on your avatar. Simple log on to their website and create a user account. IMVU is a free networking site and registering is as easy as other sites. Once you have successfully verified your account, you can now access the IMVU site.

Log in using your account and download the program that allows you to create content. This is essential to working your way on the program so go ahead and download.

The next thing that you need to download is a mapped template. IMVU allows users to easily transform existing avatars into your own liking. By using readily available templates, you can play with it using Adobe Photoshop or any other software that allows graphics enhancements. The downloaded template can also be referred to as the derivable mesh, which you can as the framework for your three dimensional image.

Play around the opacity of your derivable mesh. Change the face color, the skin tone and the clothes that you want your avatar to wear. You can even add texture to your avatar’s clothes. Adding texture will allow your avatar to appear as three dimensional, without the texture, your avatar will look flat.

Remember to save your file as you work on it. You don’t want to lose all the changes you have painstakingly make. The next thing that you need to do once you’re satisfied with your avatar is to upload the image. IMVU allows you to preview your avatar before publicly publishing your avatar. This way, you can still change the look if it doesn’t fit your liking. Minor changes are allowed within the pre-viewer window, but you will need to revert to the photo editing software for major changes.

Repeat the upload and preview steps until you are satisfied with your avatar. IMVU allows users to sell avatar designs with corresponding IMVU points. Once you get the hang of creating avatars, you can start selling your design to other users. Avatars are great tools for you to add more friends in virtual websites. Make sure that you make charming avatars so that you can gain more friends. Match the avatar you use in the environment that you choose to hang out with. Make sure that you are dressed well for parties and for outdoor gatherings. Enjoy!


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