How To Decorate a Wedding Reception on any Budget

It is undeniable that your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. Hence, it is important to document matrimonial ceremonies and decorate your wedding reception regardless of your budget. Decorating your wedding reception is one vital part of your wedding, even if you are on a budget. You just need to know the proper tools and ways. Below are the steps and guides on how to decorate a wedding reception on any budget.

  • Make your wedding reception simple. A complicated wedding reception is one of the grave mistakes that people will do in their wedding. Making your wedding reception simple is an easy thing to do. First, pick a color scheme and stick with it. Two or three complementary colors are enough to make the venue of your reception attractive because four and more colors are overwhelming and can be a distraction. For instance, using one color in your colored napkins will give you a grounded motif. You can base the color of the napkin to the main color motif of your reception. In choosing your centerpieces and candles, stick to one color as well. This way guests will easily identify the main color theme of your reception and they will easily appreciate it. The only exception in choosing a color theme is choosing the color of the flowers. It is better if you use the spectrum of colors in your flower design. It will also serve as a contrast in your reception highlighting the ambiance and the aesthetics of your wedding party. Thus, various flowers look wonderful in bouquets.
  • Use the majestic white. It is the universal color for weddings. Generally, brides wear white as a symbol of their purity in virginity and heart. Do not hesitate to utilize white. For example, you can use white stones to fill your flower vases. White candles are for votive candleholders while white flowers are great because they will make any flower arrangements stunning.
  • Set-up the wedding tables properly. The wedding tables must stand out. Simple table linens are welcoming to the eyes. Match colored napkins with white table garments for a splendid appearance of your centerpieces. Purchase or rent table linens according to your budget. Use crispy paper linens to cut costs. If you desire, your guests can take home votive candleholders as souvenirs.
  • Allot budget for chair coverings. Chair arrangements are major factors in the success of your reception. Do not forget that tables and chairs are the first things that the guest will notice in your wedding party. Do not use metal folding chairs because they might clash when you match them with your marvelously decorated tables. Contact corporate or wedding event organizations in your area and ask about chair covers. To save money, you can ask the help of friends in arranging chair covers. Visit craft stores because you might find cheap cover kits that can help you cut costs. You need to be a little creative to save some money.

Do not forget that this is your day. You can do whatever you please. Avoid being conscious about what the guests will think because what matters most is that you and your partner are happy. The food and the ambiance of your reception are just secondary. However, do the best that you can to decorate your wedding reception the grandest way as possible because it is something that you will want to remember for the rest of your life.


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