How To Delete Your Entire iTunes Library in One Step

One of the heralded and most popular softwares created by Apple Inc. is iTunes. It is your one-stop media player that lets you play and download music, watch videos, TV shows and other forms of digital media. It is closely tied up with Apple’s iPod, iPhone and iPad for managing and sorting of contents. You can purchase music, videos, television shows, games and a lot more fun stuff via the iTunes online store. You can also share your media files with other people since the software offers a built-in network recognition system.

Indeed, the most used feature of the iTunes is the one that lets you store and play a multitude of music files, either from your Apple-accredited hardware or straight from the Internet. In fact, it lets you harbor a vast library of your favorite tunes depending obviously on the capacity of your hard drive. However, there may come a time when your humungous library of songs would become unbearable and add to that the fact that there are a number of songs that you haven’t even listened to. This is where remodeling your whole iTunes library becomes a great idea. To avoid the imminent hassle of deleting your songs one by one, iTunes offers a single command that does the job for you easily. Some people would fear that their deleted items will be gone forever, but this is certainly not the case for Apple’s coveted software.  

Here is how to delete your entire iTunes library.

  • Connect the iPod. Use a USB cord to plug your iPod to your computer. It should show on your iTunes menu.
  • Select then delete. There are a lot of ways on how to select all the songs stored in your iTunes. One particular method is by using an iTunes integrated function called Select All under the Edit Menu. This lets you highlight and select all your songs in the iTunes library. You can also use the shortcut keys for that particular function which is Ctrl + A for Windows and Apple + A for Mac. Another method is to keep the Ctrl key pressed as you select a group of songs together. But this is essentially a daunting task when your iTunes library includes about thousands and thousand of songs. An alternative method which is significantly faster and easier is to select the top most song in your library, then press the Shift key then hold it as you scroll down to the bottom of the list. After you’re done selecting all your songs by utilizing the above listed methods, you can now proceed into deleting your entire library. Again, you can use the Delete function under the Edit Menu. You can also right-click then select Delete from the drop-down list that appears after performing the action. All of your songs would be deleted from the iTunes library and then at last you’re done with your task!

After deleting, you would find your iTunes ready to be refreshed and updated with new songs. The ones you have deleted are not quite gone from your computer and you can actually select your favorites and restore them in your library. Keep your lists limited to the songs you are really fond of. But if it your iTunes library becomes crowded with songs you are not even listening to, don’t hesitate in following this simple step in deleting your entire library and starting all over again!


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