How To Find a Mercenary Company that is Hiring

Mercenary companies hire employees to fight for combat as the demand increases. In order to be hired, you must have a background in military combat. There are several private military companies that need mercenaries for hire. It might be a bit difficult to get in but with the right background, skills and knowledge you may be able to find a mercenary company to hire you. Here are a few websites that you can visit to get you started in finding a mercenary company.

  • United PMC – United PMC is a website that will give you a general view on private military companies. They also have a list of mercenary companies that you can check out if you are looking for a job as a mercenary. Some of the companies listed on the website include Eagle Aviation, Risk Advisory Group, Blackwater USA, Northbridge Services Group and a lot more. You can also fill out an application form on the website and submit it for review.
  • Private Military – This organization is also helpful when looking for a mercenary company to work for. You can browse their list of contractors and private military companies. Some specialties include risk analysis, military and police training, defense intelligence and many more. You can also view legal documents, articles, newsletters and research papers on this website.
    You can also directly go to the website of private military companies to check if they have job openings that may be of interest to you. Here are some of the popular mercenary companies that may be open for hiring.
  • Blackwater Watch (XE Watch) – XE Watch specializes in providing mercenaries. They specialize in war, conflict and human rights. You can contact the company to see if they are hiring mercenaries. They have more or less 20,000 soldiers in their company. You can look up the application process on the website.
  • Triple Canopy – Triple Canopy provides security services and risk management services to different entities including private companies, non-government organizations and other clients. Some of the special security services include support, protective services, training, crisis management and assessments. View the information on the available careers from Triple Canopy on the website. They have both operational and corporate jobs available.
  • International Stability Operations Association – ISOA specializes in peace operations and offers services such as surveillance, medical services, risk management, security, satellite tracking and many more. Some of the companies that are part of this association include Air Charter Service PLC, Securiforce International America, LLC, Overseas Lease Group, Inc, Telum Protection Corporation and many more.

These are some of the websites that you can visit to check if they have some job openings for you. If you have some contacts in military special operations, you might find it easier to look for a job opening in some mercenary companies. You can set up an interview and go through the application process through your contact. Make sure that your body is in good condition and that you have the skills that they will be looking for to become a mercenary.


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