How To Find a Patio Roof Design

What is the ultimate summer household accessory? A patio! It keeps you cool during those hot, muggy days and is a great place to relax with friends and family. A patio’s value to the home goes beyond comfort during the hot summer months; it adds class to your household and is a perfect accent to a well-tended backyard.

Patios are best when they have a roof over them because this gives the patio a shade during the summer months and shelter from the elements. A great roof design for your patio will also bring attention to the kind of aesthetics you favor.

Currently, there are four types of material you can use to make your patio roof: wood, vinyl, plastic and fabric. The kind of roof you can get depends on your budget, of course but the sturdier the material you choose for the roof, the longer it will last and less maintenance it will require.

Before deciding on your roof design, you have to take into account the climate and seasons at your home. If you have longer wet months, you may opt for a solid roof over your patio. If you live in tropical climates, an awning or a pergola may be best for you.

For roof designs you have a few choices:

  • Vinyl or metal roof. This is a solid roof that covers your patio and protects it from the elements like rain (the vinyl roof much less so than the metal roof.) These kinds of roof are easy to install and you can paint them in colors that are identical, or complimentary to your home or backyard. These are plain-looking roofs and the only design you can get out of it is how you paint the roof.
  • Fabric. One great thing about having a fabric or tarpaulin roof is the fact that it is retractable. It usually is attached to an awning frame that you can extend to form a roof over the patio. So you can have a wonderful open-air patio one afternoon and then have a shady one in another. This roof choice offers you great flexibility when it comes to the kind of patio party you want for the afternoon. On sunny days, you can pull out the roof and have your guests lounge around in the shade. When having a barbecue out on the patio, you can retract the shade and enjoy some fun under the sun.
  • Pergola. Probably the most intricately decorated among your roof options, the pergola basically looks like an uncovered frame above the patio. While pleasing to the eye, it offers very little in terms of shelter or shade. The crisscrossing wooden beams above won’t save you from sunburn or from the rain but it looks great and adds a touch of class to your backyard. If you choose to go with a pergola but would like some shade from it, you can choose thicker wooden beams or have crawling vines grow over it.

Regardless of the roof you choose to cover your patio, it will always amount to a great extension of your home to your backyard. Having the family over to picnic at the patio on a breezy summer day is always a good way to reconnect with the family.


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