How To French Kiss Boys

Kissing is human nature, making it a natural form of expression. Even French kiss is a natural way of expression. It should come naturally, without practice. But the way a French kiss looks like in romantic movies makes this kissing seem complicated. For some first-time French kissers, learning this is as natural as learning how to eat. However, this natural way may not happen when you attempt to French kiss a boy. Make sure that you know what to do or you might end up ruining the romantic moment.

There is only one rule to French kiss—it should be done with the tongue. It won’t be a French kiss without the tongue. Other basic guides on French kissing a boy are enumerated below.

  • Start with a good hygiene. Bad breath is the ultimate French kiss killer. Just imagine how the boy can feel the romantic moment if your mouth smells like rotten pizza. So start it with a good hygiene. Always brush your teeth or bring a handy mouth freshener at all times. You won’t know when you’ll have the perfect moment to French kiss a boy.
  • Be in the perfect place. French kissing, in most parts of the world, is considered inappropriate in public. So the perfect place to do it is in a private place. It should be somewhere that you and the boy will feel comfortable kissing. It will be very disturbing to French kiss if you have fears that someone might see what you’re doing.
  • Find the perfect moment. Have you felt the urge to kiss the boy but suddenly you were afraid to do it? That is near the perfect moment for French kissing. Usually, it happens when you are alone together, talking sweetly to each other, or just sharing the moment. Sometimes, the perfect moment happens because of bursting emotion. Something is telling you to do it. Don’t be afraid. Just do it.
  • Hold him. You may slowly reach for his hands or you may slowly put your arms at the back of his neck. The boy must have an idea of what you want to do by now.
  • Slowly move your face closer to his face. Avoid bumping your nose to his nose by angling your face slightly. Gently close your eyes. It will be more romantic if you do it with closed eyes.
  • Kiss. But start with a lip-to-lip kiss. You may kiss his upper lip or lower lip. You may gently bite the lips, too. Continue on doing this until you feel comfortable.
  • Slowly but gently draw out your tongue. It should touch his lips first. Chances are for the boy to draw out his tongue, too. Gently lick his tongue.
  • Try more advanced tongue kissing. You may suck his tongue, wrestle with the boy’s tongue, or just play with it. Do as you please and enjoy the moment.

Breathe through the nose, not the mouth. Breathe gently, if you can. Now, you are French kissing the boy. Try on exploring other expressions of intimacy like gently rubbing his back or brushing his hair. Go on and just let your emotion be free with a French kiss.


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