How To Get a Child to Focus on Schoolwork

Kids nowadays may find it hard to focus on their studies because of the many distractions available. It is important that you learn how to help your child to focus on schoolwork at a young age so that it can be part of his routine. You must let your child know that there is time for studying and time for playing. Find out how you can get your child to focus on schoolwork by following these simple tips.

  • Set a study schedule. The most important thing that you have to do is to set a study schedule for your child. It is better to follow a daily routine that your child can stick to. After school, set a few hours for your child to do homework. Afterwards, help him study his lessons for the day. This might be difficult at first but the study schedule will be effective once your child gets used to it.
  • Provide a study area. Provide a study area for your child. The study area should have a study table, a comfortable chair, enough lighting and all the materials that your child needs to stud including books, art materials, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. Make sure that the study area does not have any distractions such as computers, game consoles or a television. This will allow your child to focus and finish his homework faster.
  • Set a break time. Your child may find it hard to focus on his studies. Set about 15 to 30 minutes break for the study time to allow your child to regain his energy. The break time can be used for stretching or eating snacks. This is important since you do not want to force your child to study if he has already lost interest.
  • Talk to the teacher. Take time to talk to your child’s teacher so that you can learn some tips on how to help your child focus on schoolwork even if he is at home. You can also get some feedback regarding your child’s behavior and performance in school. This will help you focus on the areas that need improvement.
  • Set a playtime. Talk to your child and set the study rules at home. You have to let your child know that he has time for playing and time for studying. You can provide a schedule for playtime during the weekends but he must focus on studies for the rest of the week. Your child will be more focused on schoolwork and will have the drive to study if he has something to look forward to as a reward.

These are some of the tips that you can follow to help your child focus in schoolwork at home. Remember that you should guide your child when studying. Take the time to go through his lessons with him, give him all the support and help he needs when he is having trouble with some of his lessons. You should also let your child engage in extracurricular activities so that he can have a balanced childhood.


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