How To Get Felonies Off of Your Record

A man who has not made or committed any mistake is a man who is not willing to learn or to live at all. Though there are those who have learned hard lessons by crossing the law, that does not mean these people are not willing to live life anew and learn their life’s lesson. And even if they have lived their sentence, and had passed the correctional program, there are many who still see convicted felons as constant sinners. It may seem logical to protect your interest, but felons are people too—people who are willing to change and have changed to be part of society once more.

It is almost inevitable that people with felony in their record will be discriminated. But they are not without a choice for they can have the felony in their record removed with the guidance of a felony lawyer. Second chance is a very special gift that former felons are willing to take but when push comes to shove they do not have to shove back. Here are some tips on how to get felonies off of your record.

  • True or false felony? Before anything else, take a very close look at your record. Examine it well. If the felonies written there are falsely accused, you can have it removed. Having no felony written on your record is better than defending against it. So after investigating and you prove that the felony is false, bring your record and apply to have the felon record be removed. This is the much easier part since the felon written is false. Thus it calls for less investigation. But the time frame in between processing of forms will take some time. So be prepared to play the waiting game and have patience handy all the time.
  • Expunge the felony. If you have taken a look at your record, and learn that the felon written is an actual crime all is not lost. You can have these records expunge or removed. For this part, consult your felony lawyer to determine if you have served the correct sentences to have the records removed. Apply after consulting and from this point on, you will need a felony lawyer to help you out. This will ask a great deal of patience from you. So do bear with it, this is for your own good.
  • Record cleansing. Look at your records. With a dialogue with your felony lawyer, discuss which cases and records can be expunged. It is a very important thing to be truthful to your felony lawyer. A health talking relationship is also tantamount.
  • Apply and hear. When you and your felony lawyer have finally decided which cases can be removed, hopefully most of the bad ones written, it is time to submit your application. Then attend your hearings. This is a clear sign that you are very sincere in having the records removed. The felony lawyer you have will also guide you in filling out your forms. It is encouraged to practice honesty in every step of the way.

Making mistakes is only human. But learning from it and wanting them removed makes you a citizen.


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