How To Get Rid of Ringworm

You may think that it is a round, circular worm underneath the skin cause you to scratch it incessantly.  However, that is not exactly it.  Ringworm is not a kind of worm.  It is actually an infection caused by fungi.  It forms when the skin comes into contact with the fungus.  Yes, it is that contagious that a slight touch can transfer the infection from one host to another.  Furthermore, this skin disease does not pick its host.  Humans as well as dogs, cats, and other animals can easily be afflicted with it.  Unfortunately, curing ringworm is quite challenging.  Nevertheless, it can be done and you can speed it up through these tips.

  • Get it analyzed.  The first step in getting rid of this disease will be to see if you really have it.  If you are infected and the itchy spots on your skin forms a circular lining of rashes, then you may want to see a physician immediately.  Getting it diagnosed will allow you to know what you are dealing with.  Now, if it is your pet that is infected, then visit the vet and get them treated.  However, do be careful when handling your pets so that you do not get infected yourself.
  • Start disinfecting.  If you or your pet has been diagnosed with ringworm, then you will probably be prescribed some medication to treat it, a cream based medication is the most commonly prescribed.  However, before purchasing and applying the cream, you will need to eliminate the fungus in your home.  Remember that this particular disease is extremely contagious.  That said if you treat it on your body with cream but all the other stuff in your house still has the fungus, then you will soon get ringworm all over again.  
  • With that in mind, make sure to wash everything that you or your pet came in contact with such as beddings, sheets, towels, clothing, and the like.  Do a thorough wash to eliminate the fungus.  Aside from these, try to think of the other items in your house that came in contact with the particular area infected.  For instance, if the ringworm is on your legs, then you may want to disinfect and clean your chairs, sofa, and bed.  If your pet was infected, then disinfecting the carpet, floors, and doors will be mandatory.  Make sure to ask your doctor or vet about what commercial cleaners to use to eliminate the fungus from your household stuff.
  • Take a bath.  Maintaining proper hygiene when you are infected is crucial.  This will clean the top part of the infected skin as well as the entire body.  Bathing everyday is important.  Also, if you live with other people, make sure that they exercise proper hygiene as well.  If possible, have them stay away from anything you come in contact with.

Once all that has been done, the next step to ridding yourself of ringworm will be to religiously apply the ointment or cream prescribed to you by the doctor on the infected areas.  In some cases, when the ringworm is that severe, you may be required to take oral medication such as antibiotics and antihistamines.  Don’t worry, sooner or later the ringworm will fade and die.


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