How To Get the Benefits of Vibration Therapy

Okay, so you know all about vibration therapy. When undergoing this procedure, you stand on a vibrating platform for several minutes. Many physical fitness centers have this facility. It is claimed to have lots of benefits for a person. But how did this fitness method come about? It actually started when some Russian cosmonauts tried to find a way to increase and keep the bone and muscle mass of the body during outer space treks. As you know, with very little or no gravity at all, cosmonauts may just float and drift. Hence Russian cosmonauts discovered that vibration therapy can help them maintain muscle and bone mass while in space. Because of this yet another discovery, vibration therapy has started to make a mark in physical fitness programs.

The benefits of vibration therapy are numerous. If you want to give it a try, read how to get benefits from this procedure:

  • Enroll in a prestigious physical fitness center. Make sure that this physical fitness center offers vibration therapy services. Inspect their vibrating platforms to find out if they offer certain features that provide maximum rehabilitation benefits. Take note of the capacity of the vibration plates as to their wave frequency, stimulation range and so on. Find out also if the facility in the physical fitness you want to enroll in fits your requirements such as your build, resistance and physical condition.
  • Know that vibration therapy improves your well being. With vibration therapy, serotonin levels become higher, thus contributing to the recovery of your energy levels as well enhancement of your moods. The vibration produced by the plate causes better blood circulation and helps in the regulation of blood pressure. In the process, pains in the joints and bones become less and your stress level is manageable.
  • Sweat it out during vibration exercise. Do not be passive while standing on the vibration platforms. Try to create some movements such as twitching of your shoulders, flexing of your arms and legs so that you get stimulated and start to perspire.
  • Be consistent with the exercise program. Once you enroll in a vibration therapy program, you have to attend the sessions religiously. Avoid missing out your therapy appointments because one absence will create disruption to the whole process. You might be required to start all over again from Step 1 if you disrupt your program by not attending regularly.
  • Support your vibration therapy program with an exercise regimen. Do not ever think that the vibration platform you are using will do the exercise for you, because it is far from the truth. Vibration therapy is just therapy. It is not an exercise per se. It may tone the muscles, but not remove excess fats. It may tighten the skin but it will not make you perspire. So to get the maximum benefit from vibration therapy, maintain an exercise program on the side.
  • Observe a healthy diet style. Eat nutritious foods. Be moderate in your consumption of everything, as well as your activities – food, drinks, leisure, exercise and sex. Vibration therapy helps maintain your balance hence you too should maintain a balanced lifestyle.

To date, vibration therapy has not really gained much following yet. It is still in the process of being known. However with the many benefits it provides to individuals, it will not be long if it becomes the hottest physical fitness program there ever was.


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