How To Help Students Improve their Writing Skills

One of the most important skills that students can learn in school is writing. It is a lifelong skill that will be used, even if the student has no plan on becoming a writer because it is essential that every person have the ability to express himself.

As an educator, it’s your job to help students succeed in school. When they have good writing skills, it helps them in other areas of their academics because all subjects require some form of writing or expression. Here are some tools to keep in mind to empower students and help them improve their writing skills.

  • Foster a passion for it. Most kids go to school thinking they are learning useless stuff. However, it’s imperative that your students understand that the ability to write well will affect their lives. From writing homework essays, making entries in their journal or Facebook account, college application essays, love letters or even a future novel, the ability to articulate one’s self is a crucial skill to manage in the real world. Show your students that writing is a useful skill. When you teach your class, show your enthusiasm for the written word. Don’t make your class boring and staid. Make it fun, interesting and creative by incorporating songs, poetry, great books and pop culture.
  • Teach the basics. Your students need to have a good grasp of the written English language. This means proper use of subject and verb agreements, prepositions, conjugation and spelling. The technical aspect of writing should be mastered to be able to manipulate the language to express feeling properly. Good writing is grammatically correct.
  • Learn from reading. An excellent way to learn other styles and forms of writing is to expose your students to other great works. Let them borrow books from the library and read it. Introduce your students to old and modern authors so they can learn from others. Reading also correlates to improved vocabulary and spelling skills that are crucial to writing well.
  • Practice makes perfect. Give your students the opportunity to hone their skills by giving them work. Give homework for them to write essays, book reports, movie reviews and other written work. Encourage them to start journal writing. The more they write, the easier it will become. Challenge your students to write poetry, or create their own stories. Your students should also be able to derive the main theme in a piece of work, point out the main protagonists in a story, as well as the conflict and resolution of a plot.
  • Encourage other forms of creative writing. If your students are interested in other forms of writing, let them do it. You may have a budding movie scriptwriter or songwriter in your midst. Encourage poetry writing, novel and essay writing or even making a comic book.

Some students will be naturally more gifted in the art of writing than others. However, this doesn’t mean that not everyone can learn the skills to write articulately. Have patience when teaching your class and be encouraging so that the students themselves will develop their own style and flair for writing.


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