How To Join Blackwater Mercenaries

Blackwater USA, now called Xe Services LLC, is a private security agency. The largest private service agency that the State Department employs, Blackwater sent security teams to Iraq and Afghanistan, among others. Because of the nature of the security job, Blackwater hires individual contractors who have prior law enforcement and military experience. Although it conducts extensive training courses, the agency expects their hires to be very well knowledgeable of the field. If you want to be part of the Blackwater mercenaries, here’s what you should do.

  • Assess your skills. Remember that as part of the Blackwater mercenaries, your task will be highly involved in protecting certain individuals and offices in the place where you will be sent to. So it is important that your law enforcement and military skills are above average. Your tactical skills, firearm operation abilities, and team management skills, among others, should also be excellent. Make sure that before submitting application, you have thoroughly evaluated your skills and qualifications and have addressed your weak points.
  • Prepare your resume. Blackwater requires very detailed, comprehensive, and accurate resume or curriculum vitae. So you have to list down all the intelligence, law enforcement, and military experiences you have, be it hostage crisis management, counterterrorism, or close range battles. Include the duration of the operations and the skills required to carry out the individual tasks. If possible, have the resume or curriculum vitae read by a career consultant before submitting it to Blackwater. This can help further improve your resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Consider your physical fitness. To be part of the Blackwater mercenaries, you have to be in top physical form. Specifically, you must have excellent agility, superior physical stamina, and good eyesight. Your mental health must be also be in sound condition. Blackwater doesn’t hire individuals who have had major physical and mental disorder.
  • Take note of your criminal records. Your criminal records both in local and federal levels must be clean. You should have not committed any kind of felony or misdemeanor.
  • Study the possible locations you will be sent to. Read about the places that Blackwater sends security teams to. Know the kind of security threats present in the location and the needed level of security. Review the political and cultural landscape in the location as well. If possible, consider visiting the location so you will have a feel of the place and can learn how to interact with the locals.
  • Work on your communication skills. You have to seriously improve your communication skills because a large part of the job requires being a team player. Particularly, you should know how to communicate with superiors and fellow workers. And you should be able to verbalize your thoughts in an accurate and professional manner.

The job responsibilities of Blackwater mercenaries are huge. You must always be accountable for your actions whether in or out of duty. In fact, private security workers are often closely monitored. So if you are not used to this kind of setup, better get used to it. Prepare yourself for the career by learning from other private security workers.


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