How To Learn Transcendental Meditation Techniques

Transcendental Meditation is a meditation technique, which was created by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who teaches that with as little as half an hour a day, its meditation techniques can help improve the quality of your life. Transcendental Meditation techniques are taught by certified Transcendental Meditation teachers and are reputed to be easy to learn. You are taught a Hindu or Sanskrit word which will serve as your mantra and you need to be intoning this as you meditate.

A lot of people claim to have benefited from the practice of Transcendental Meditation. Some claim that with just meditating for twice a day, they were able to improve interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, became more efficient, became healthier, and became more aware of their needs as well as those of others and their stress levels went down.

Understand that this is a trademarked technique with proprietary owners and a corporation, Maharishi Foundation, Ltd. that use it to make money. If your interest is piqued by the thought of simple meditation that can improve the quality of your life and make it better, you have two options.

  • Buy in. The link below is the official site for Transcendental Meditation. You can make inquiries about the classes and the certified Transcendental Meditation teacher who will serve as your mentor and teach you the techniques. The whole Transcendental Meditation program will set you back $2500 but if what the other practitioners say is true and it will help improve your life greatly, that doesn’t seem like such a bad deal.

    You can make an inquiry at their website.

  • One-off lectures. If you can’t afford the cost but would like to try it out anyway, you can opt for their one–off lectures. This is an introductory lecture to Transcendental Meditation that allows people a quick glimpse into the meditation techniques and life philosophies that Transcendental Meditation teaches. It will not be very informative and in-depth but you may be able to glean some information to set you on the right track.
  • Circumvention. Another way to benefit from Transcendental Meditation is to read up on other meditation techniques related to it. At the core of the teaching, Transcendental Meditation is all about finding your center and having a mantra that helps you concentrate. There have been a lot of books written about meditation and if you dedicate yourself to finding a few good books that deal with the topic you should be able to learn it tangentially.
  • Online teachings. There are a few articles online that claim to teach Transcendental Meditation, but seeing as none of these sites are authorized by anything associated with the movement, you should approach the teachings in these sites with a grain of salt.

Of course, Transcendental Meditation is not without its harsh critics. Some have gone as far as to call it a Hindu cult but as long as you come into the teachings with a clear head and with an end in mind, you can distinguish for yourself whether or not the accusations against Transcendental Meditation is true or not. One must experience before one can judge, after all.


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