How To Make Fish Tank Filters

Many feng shui experts believe that having aquarium or having fish at home as a pet is lucky. But whether you believe in feng shui or not, you could certainly fill your aquariums with different kinds of fish that you like. The good news is you don’t have to spend so much money for your fish tank filters are you could just easily make it at home in a few steps.

Here is how you make fish tank filters.

Make sure you have all needed materials: activated charcoal, submersible pump, top-open container, pair of women's nylons or other fine mesh material, plastic bottle or bowl – disposables will do, sponge without added chemicals, 3-inch piece of aquarium air tubing, and rubber bands. You can buy these materials or you could recycle some from your old aquarium or a friend’s.

Before working on anything, try to fitting the submersible pump first into the top-open container to ensure that there is enough space for activated carbon, pump and sponge in the container. Get all materials back after you are done measuring them and begin working on each item. If the spacing is not right, you might get another set of materials that will go well with your container.

Create a thick layer of activated carbon starting from the base of the tank or container. You can decide on how much activated carbon you would like to use for the size of the container. You can use as much activated charcoal as you want as long as you leave enough room for the sponge and pump that will be installed later.

Using a mesh material made up of fine nylon, drape the intake valve of the submersible pump and then put it in the tank. Push the wrapped submersible pump securely onto the activated charcoal.

Right onto the pump's output nozzle, put the 3 inches piece of tubing for the aquarium. Cut bits of the sponge to put around the pump in the tank or container. There should be enough space where the tubes can be placed so make holes into each sponge to provide a way for the tubes to be placed. If you are considering placing your tubing through the sponge, you have to mount the sponge around the pump. Keep your pump together by wrapping rubber bands around it. Put the filter in the container. You could decorate your fish tank with aquarium accessories before putting in your fish. When everything is already set-up, you can now put your fish and enjoy feeding them.

There you go with your own-made fish tank filters. Check your filter frequently to make sure it is working properly. Also, make sure that your pump and filter are the right fit for your tank because the larger the tank is, the larger the pump and filter you need. Before making your fish tank filters, make sure first that you have all the needed materials and that each fits with one another as you do not want to buy materials that you cannot use.


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