How To Make Money Selling Girls Hair Bows

Are you thinking of a good money making scheme?  Well, consider selling hair bows for girls.  There are tons of mothers and little girls who are going to be excited to check out your fancy and well-made hair bows.  Since they are already be tired of the usual stuff that they see from local crafters, you may thrill them by offering new, delightful, and colorfully designed hair bows.  Here are some practical pointers for you to consider:

  • Craft your hair bows.  This relies heavily on your creativity and ingenuity.  Of course, this is really enjoyable if you are the type who loves to put together some stuff.  You can go on-line and learn from countless free tutorials.  Aside from enhancing your skills, you also get the chance to choose your supplies wisely.
  • Work out your price tags.  Hair bows are priced differently.  Some are really expensive, especially the high-end types.  Others are too cheap.  Since the market price points are too varied and too unpredictable, try to figure out how you can make yours very competitive.  Realize that quality has a price but at the end of the day, your customers are going to favor value-for-money.  If pricing them individually becomes a challenge, you can sell them by sets.  A set can be composed of four pieces, two little hair bows and two big ones.
  • Personalize your hair bows.  Selling your hair bows by piece doesn’t promise good income.  You can earn more if you attempt to be more aggressive.  It is a good idea to talk to groups of girls.  Target ballerinas, cheering squads, and social clubs.  When you talk to them, explain how you can customize hair bows according to their specific needs.  You can design hair bows to match their uniforms or outfits.  You can even give them discounts for repeat orders.
  • Market your hair bows on-line.  eBay is a perfect place to let your target market know about your hair bows.  If your designs and styles are really impressive, you can expect your hair bows to sell well.  If you have one-of-a-kind pieces, people are surely going do their best to win the auctions.  That, in a way, means big bucks!
  • Build your network.  Once you have satisfied your buyers, you can easily ask them for some referrals.  They should be able to recommend some of their relatives and friends who are also interested to see you collections.  If your hair bows are wonderful, they are certainly going to line up.  And even if they already have a lot of hair bows, they are still going to want more, particularly if they love what they see.

Package your hair bows nicely.  You can put them in a specially designed box.  You can also have them in a pouch.  If you bundle them well, they are surely going to look more interesting.  Your customers may even start collecting them.  Eventually, your hair bows are going to need a brand name.  So, keep your designs fresh and highly modern.  Don’t let quality suffer.  As long as you are doing your job well, your hair bows are absolutely going to sell like hot cakes.


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