How To Make Money With a Dump Truck

For at least once in your life, you find yourself in a situation where you’re taking some time off to seriously think of ways to earn money for yourself and for your family. There are actually endless possibilities on how to earn money. Lucrative business opportunities are just there, left and right, just waiting for you to grab them. Take for example dump truck business.  You may actually earn $50-$100 per hour by lending dump trucks, or engaging in hauling services, depending on where you are. Although at the outset it may cost you a lot to invest in dump trucks, the ROI or return on investment is pretty quick. In addition, the demand for dump trucks is endless.

If you’re interested in making money with dump trucks, then this is the article for you.  Just continue reading this article, and learn how to earn money by engaging in dump truck business.

  • You may want to invest in second hand dump trucks.  Even though brand new dump trucks obviously lasts longer and needs lesser and cheaper maintenance than second hand dump trucks, do not simply discount the possibility that you may find much cheaper second hand dump trucks that are still in good condition.  In canvassing second hand dump trucks, it would be advisable for you to tag along a trusted mechanic to help you in determining whether the trucks are still in good running condition or not. If you’re lucky enough, you may even find second hand dump trucks at half of their original price.
  • Advertise.  Like in all other types of businesses, making known your enterprise is the best way to get clients. You may invest in radio, newspaper, or even TV ads. If you are on a really tight financial plan, you can advertise by giving out brochures, posting posters, or posting ads on or any other social networking sites. Your goal is to reach as many potential clients as possible. Just make sure that in advertising your business, you clearly spell out what types of services you’re engaged in.  Moreover, do not forget to include details on where you can be contacted.
  • Be legal.  Check your local ordinances and laws on what you will need to engage in a dump truck business, such as business license, tax identification number, professional driver’s license, etc.  You wouldn’t want your business to be closed down by your local authorities, and all the money that you’ve invested would simply go down the drain.
  • Aim for long term, stable contracts.  Construction projects, landscaping works and quarry businesses should be your top priorities, as these projects usually last for a long time and requires constant use of dump trucks.  Needless to state, you may also engage in other profitable contracts such as snow removal or garbage collection.
  • Lease out your dump trucks.  At times when you do not have any hauling contracts, least out your trucks, since the rates are profitable (although lower than in hauling services).  Becoming idle in any type of business is not good, as you lose money in every minute that passes by.

Note: Engaging in dump truck business requires serious planning. If possible, sketch out a strategic plan before engaging in such a business.


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