How To Market Your Own Inventions

If you thought inventing something unique and useful is difficult, wait until you learn that you have to market your invention as well.

Your invention will not be as well known or as significantly accepted by the public unless they know it exists. Keeping your invention in the garage will not help your cause. Without proper marketing and promotion, your hard work will become unrecognized by the society and it will seem as waste of time and effort.

There are thousands and thousands of inventions generated a day, but only few get the recognition it deserves. Aside from being an inventor, you need to have a marketer side as well. Determine how your invention will stand out from the rest to make people interested.

To know how you can effectively market your invention, read the tips below.

  • Have your invention patented. Before anything else, guard your invention by having it patented. This may take some time, as you need to complete all of the requirements including technical documentations. The process also takes a long time, even years due to possible revisions needed. But be patient because this is essential. As soon as you have your patent, you can start marketing your invention without the need to worry that someone else is copying your work.
  • Know your target market. Who is the audience of your invention? What is its use for society? The answers to these questions greatly determine your marketing strategy. If your invention appeals to the young audiences, then consider conducting seminars in schools where you can present your invention. You can also showcase it in malls or public areas.
  • Know your competition. Even with having a patent, there is still a possibility that someone else is selling something quite similar to your invention; or at least has the same purpose as yours. These are your competition. Get to know as much about their product as possible. From here, you can identify your invention’s strengths and focus on those. Find a special feature from your invention that separates you from what is already out there in the market.
  • Have a competitive price. Get to know how much your competitors are selling their products as well and see if you can compete with the price. Remember that your price greatly depends on the supply and demand rule, but do not offer your invention at such a low price that you will not be able to profit.
  • Get a trusted partner. If marketing really isn’t your turf, maybe you know someone that excels on this field. Ask him if he can help you or if he wants to be a partner. Chances are your partner will also have a wider network of people who can be interested with your invention. He can also help you have a campaign to launch your product while maintaining focus on your target market.

Regardless if you get a partner or decide to market your invention alone, it is important that you have a clear vision of what you want for your invention. Create a roadmap and project plan to make sure you are on track with your goals.


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