How To Meditate Using Silent Illumination

Silent illumination meditation is a form of meditation wherein all thoughts are ruled out with the exception of one. It lets the mind focus on one thought so that you can meditate on and channel all energy to the single thought. Silence plays an important factor in this meditation. Unlike other meditations where music can be applied, silent illumination meditation forbids the practitioner to use music. Silence helps form better images of the idea to be meditated on.

  • Find a comfortable spot. Look for a place in your house where you can meditate. The area where you will be practicing silent illumination meditation must be quiet enough to meditate. You can choose to meditate on your bed, couch or floor. Because silent illumination meditation takes some time, choose the most comfortable spot for you. Sit comfortably on your selected spot. If you plan to sit on the floor, place a pillow underneath your buttocks to make the floor more comfortable for you. You can choose to sit in an Indian style manner or you can have your legs extended in front of you.
  • Follow proper posture. Posture is essential to practicing silent illumination meditation. The back must be straight and relaxed. Avoid leaning on something. When practicing silent illumination meditation, relaxation of all muscles most specifically the back, must be followed. Tension will only disrupt the meditation procedure. Practice sitting upright in your day to day activities. Doing this regularly will make it easier to practice silent illumination meditation.
  • Do breathing exercises. Another vital factor in silent illumination meditation is breathing. Breathing is important to regulate the blood and oxygen flow throughout the entire body. Regulating blood and oxygen flow will produce relaxed muscles thus making meditation easier. Find your rhythm in breathing. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do this slowly. Focus on channeling good clean air. Apply this in your day to day activities to have a more balanced circulatory and respiratory system. Having a more balanced circulatory and respiratory system makes meditation easier.
  • Start meditating. Most people close their eyes when meditating. You can choose to close your eyes or leave them open. Breathe deeply. Have a rhythm when breathing. Make the muscles of your body relaxed. Avoid thinking about things. Keep your mind blank. Let your brain relax from thinking about problems or chores. Once your brain is relaxed, focus on thinking about your body as a whole. Make meditation a daily habit by practicing it for at least five minutes every day. Increase the time you put in practicing silent illumination meditation. Doing this daily will make you more focused, well balanced and healthier.

Burning of incense helps a person relax. If the scent of incense calms you, go ahead and light some. Candles are alternatives to incense. There are cheap candles available in home stores. Choose a scent that you like.

Avoid playing music when practicing this meditation. You can choose to meditate in the morning when you wake up, or at night before going to bed. Meditation helps a person relax and will help you achieve clarity of thought.


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