How To Meet Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner is one hunk of an American actor  / voice actor  / model / martial arts artist that you would want to meet. Made famous by his role in the Twilight movie series as Jacob Black, Taylor Lautner has already made a name as a male sex symbol with his good looks and not to mention very manly physique.

So do you want to meet and greet Taylor Lautner? Get an autograph? Or even more, get close to him? It’s going to be great challenge, but if you are up for it, here are a few tips.

  • Move to tinsel town! This means Hollywood. This Michigan born and raised star actually had to move to Los Angeles to be closer to work. So if you do decide to go that far, you are really raising the chances of running into this Twilight superstar.
  • Stalk. You think your personality is close to that of a paparazzi who will do anything just to be near or take a snap shot of a Hollywood star? Well, you can actually do some research on the Internet and track down the history of this now renowned teenage star. Once you find out the places where he is usually seen, then you can make yourself a regular as well. That is if you have the bling of course.
  • Write to his agency. Though there is a slim chance that his agency will read your fan mail amidst the big pile, you may still take the leap and try it out for yourself. Although slim, there is still a chance that he might pick up your letter and write you back!
  • Request for an autograph. Do you know that there is actually a real address that you can write to request for an autograph from this irresistible Twilight hunk? Just write a letter to Taylor Lautner c/o Management 360 9111 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA. The downside however is that this might take awhile considering the line of other women (or men?) who wish to have an autograph from this dude, too.
  • Make it as an extra to his upcoming movie, Breaking Dawn. If you have what it takes then why not move to Vancouver and try to addition as one of the extras for his movie Breaking Down. Though they won’t take you as an extra for a werewolf or vampire role, you can actually make a small cameo in the movie just by being a permanent resident of Vancouver, the now popular venue for Twilight Sage shoots.
  • Be part of the behind the scenes. Be it as a make-up artist, a reporter, a go-to guy, a caterer, personal assistant, you can actually go that far just to be close to Taylor Lautner. Just make sure that whatever it is that you are planning to do, it is legal or legitimate.
  • Be an online reporter. Like the previous tip, this can be challenging as well because of competition. But if you have the experience in journalism, you can try this one out and get the chance to interview Mr. Lautner on the set.
  • Know his schedule. This one does not necessarily mean knowing his daily personal routine, but you can find out about his mall tour dates or the events where he is scheduled to have an appearance across America and catch him at one or two. This is probably one of the best things that you can do without looking like a complete stalker.

If you do meet Taylor Lautner, just try as much as possible to behave and not scream with delight right in front of his face. Be proper and act calm. Good luck to you!


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