How To Monitor CPU Activity

Monitoring your CPU activity can help you manage how much applications you should be running all at once. It can also prevent your computer from crashing if there are too many running programs. Sometimes you cannot avoid multitasking while using your computer because you want to maximize its use. You can have more than one browser running with multiple windows and applications in each while playing music and downloading all at the same time.

Doing this may save you a great amount of time but it is not good on your processor. You may end up crashing it and losing important data stored in your computer and have it repaired which will cost you a lot. Managing the amount of resources that your processor is using is one way to avoid this dilemma. If you want to start monitoring your CPU activity, this article will teach you how.

  • Open the Windows Task Manager. Here is where you can find your computer’s resource use. To open the Task Manager, simply press CTRL+ALT+Delete. There are options that you can choose from. Click the Start Task Manager option. The Task Manager window will pop up.
  • You can now see how much resources your computer is using. The Task Manager will show the percentage of its use. If the percentage is high, it means that you are using and running too many applications at once. This will help you determine whether you should close some applications or if you can still open more applications.
  • If you want to monitor your CPU usage as often as you want, you can definitely do so. All you have to do is click Options in the Task Manager Window. Check the Minimize on Use and Hide When Minimize options. This will display your computer’s usage on the right side of the taskbar. One way that you can also display it on the taskbar is to simply minimize the Task Manager window and the icon will automatically appear on your taskbar.
  • How will you know the percentage of your computer usage? Simple. Just point the mouse to the resource meter icon and it will show the percentage. The resource meter icon is the green square on your taskbar. If you have too much processes running all at once, the icon will be filled with green, indicating that you have to close down some current applications to avoid any crashes.

You can also choose to remove the resource meter icon on your taskbar. Simply double click the icon and click the Close button. You can go back to it anytime you want. Just follow the instructions above.

CPU usage will depend on how much applications are running. If you are running a certain application for a long time, like if you are scanning your computer for viruses and the resource meter fills up, you do not have to close it until it finishes scanning. Just make sure to minimize opening more applications to avoid any mess up with your computer.


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