How To Mount a Rear Rack on a Bike

If you heavily depend on your bike to get you around, then you must install a rear rack for extra stuff you need to lug around like snacks, water, emergency tools, and first aid kit. Indeed, a rack is a practical installation that you can’t do without. So if you have the time, here are steps on how you can mount one in no time.

  • Check your bike for readiness. First, you must have the space and the bracket that will support a rear rack. Most bikes have this but if you happen to own a mountain bike, you might have to customize a rack to fit your mountain bike. Otherwise, you should be able to find the bracket that will support this project.
  • Get a lifter and a screwdriver. You need something to lift your bike a couple of feet from the floor during the installation process. You can borrow a lifter similar to the one used for compact cars or improvise on this to minimize your expenses. These are the two things you need: a lifter and a screwdriver.
  • Buy the complete package. This is more practical and economical than buying parts separately. Besides, it’s a waste of time to buy parts on a piecemeal basis. By the way, you have to make sure that this is made for the type of bike that you own. Ditto, buy the package through a physical store. Now in case you are paying someone to do this for you, you can get the specifications, look it up online, and purchase it from there. The package should contain the rack, bracket, clamps, and screws.
  • Install the bracket to the rack. Brackets come shaped like the letter L. This is part of the package that you bought from the store. You have to install this first. Refer to the instruction manual that came with the package for more details. You need two brackets to support each side of the rack.
  • Attach the bracket and rack to the rear of the bike. The bracket should face forward. You can adjust the rack later when you have to tighten the screws. The screws go into the holes in the bracket and rack. Mount the legs of the rack on the bracket and tighten accordingly.
  • Make full use of clamps. Aside from securing the rack to the bike using screws, you must also use the metal clamps to hold the rack in place. Clamps are tightened the same way, with the use of screws. Often the clamps are positioned near the brakes of the bike.
  • Take your bike down. As soon as your bike is at ground level, you can now proceed with adjusting the rack until this is laid flat and firm on the rear. Run the rear wheel using your hand so that you can make sure that the rack and wheel don’t rub or hit against each other. When you are satisfied with what you see, you can now finish up by tightening the screws on the rack using a screwdriver.
  • As an added safety measure, use a reflector. This is optional but highly recommended to keep you and your stuff safe when you’re out navigating through all sorts of weather and road conditions.

As with any project, it pays to get the advice of a professional. Even something as simple as a bike rack can pose a danger to life and limb when improperly installed.


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