How To Naturally Cure a Child's Bladder Infection

Children often hold their pee when they are too busy playing or enjoying an activity. This causes them to have a bladder infection otherwise known as a urinary tract infection or UTI. A UTI can suddenly attack your child and she may not even know it until urinating becomes very painful for her. She will cry when peeing or may even hold urinating to avoid the pain. This will only make it more painful for her to urinate in the future. There are ways to treat it naturally and ways to avoid it happening to your child.

  • Have water bottles in your child’s bag. When your child is busy at play and running about, she will naturally get thirsty. But when she is too excited and pre-occupied, she will not look for a drink. When you have water bottles or juice bottles readily available, it will entice your child to run over to you for a drink. The best drink, aside from water, is coconut juice, which has natural cleansing properties. It flushes out the bad bacteria in your child’s body that has been causing her bladder infection. Other juices are cranberry juice, blueberry juice and orange juice. Avoid juices with sugar or sweeteners, as these do not help cure bladder infections.
  • Give your child a slice of fruit high in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps increase the natural levels of acid in your child’s body, which aids in curing bladder infection. Instead of the usual snacks, give your child a fruit platter. The best way to encourage your child to eat fruits is to eat healthy yourself. Tell her it is something you love to eat and you would like to share it with her, rather than saying it is good for her. If they see how much you love it, they will try it too.
  • Discourage your child from taking junk food. Most snack foods have high salt content. Salt in the body absorbs the fluids needed to cure bladder infections. Even if your child whines for junk food, be firm and find an alternative snack.
  • Give your child fruit yoghurts. Yoghurts are a better alternative to sweetened ice cream. Instead of the usual ice cream treat, go for a yoghurt treat. There are many stores offering this. Sprinkle some sliced fruit on top instead of the usual chocolate sprinkles or candy mixes high in sugar. Yoghurt contains the friendly bacteria lactobacilli, which helps combat the bad bacteria causing bladder infections.
  • Change your child’s underwear often throughout the day. Stained underwear will help the bad bacteria to accumulate in your child’s genitalia. Have two to three extra change of underwear when you are out. Teach your child to use a bidet so she waters down any urine that may have been left. Sometimes, children are in a hurry to go back to play they forget to wipe. She should wipe from the front to the back. Using the proper wipes with pH levels may help at this time.

However way you want to cure your child’s bladder infection, you will have to monitor her often. Walk with her to the toilet and when she cries of pain, tell her that it will only be for a day. Let her know why she has to take juices and yoghurt. She will learn that it will help get rid of the pain to give her more playtime.


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