How To Naturally Treat a Sunburn

When summer rolls in, you can be sure that getting a tan at the beach cannot be far behind. Unfortunately, because summer is one fun activity after another, a lot of people forget to retouch their sunblock and end up with horribly sunburnt skin. Good thing there are many ways to treat sunburn. If you prefer to do it the natural way, below are steps on how to treat that painful sunburn.

  • Give Milk of Magnesia a try. Take a look at your medicine cabinet and see if you have Milk of Magnesia stocked. This is probably one of the best solutions you may apply to painful sunburn. The elements in milk of Magnesia will cool down hot, sunburnt skin so you won't be bothered by it. Use this by, standing in your shower or tub, and pouring the milk over the sunburnt parts of your body. You can also pour it over your palm and rub like lotion. If rubbing the milk of magnesia onto your skin is uncomfortable for your sunburns, you may take a cotton ball, pour the milk of magnesia to it, and rub gently on the sunburnt areas. Let it dry for a bit, before putting on a soft shirt. This relieves sunburn and is perfect for when you are ready to go to bed. Simply rinse off your body in the morning.
  • Take a milk bath soak. Don't worry; you won't use up gallons of fresh milk to do this. Simply purchase some non-fat powdered milk. Fill your tub with warm water, and mix in about three cups of the powdered milk. “Stir” the water in the tub until the powder is dissolved completely. Soak your body into the tub for about half an hour to relieve the itch and aches of bad sunburn. This milk bath soak can actually also moisturize your skin, so do it more often, to heal your skin dried from the sun's rays.
  • Enjoy a Cheerio bath. You heard that right, your breakfast favorite can also work as a sunburn reliever. Much like how an oatmeal bath can relieve itchy and flaky skin, Cheerios also soothe sunburns. Simply add two cups of Cheerio into your blender, and blend until they are crushed into a fine and powdery texture. Fill your tub with warm water and add the powdered Cheerios into it. Mix well. Soak for about 30 minutes and enjoy how it relieves your painful sunburns. When you drain the tub, ensure that you install a mesh drain, so bits of Cheerios won't clog your pipes.
  • Spread some mustard. For quick fixes for sunburns in small areas, some mustard will help. Not only will mustard relieve stinging, it will also prevent you from developing blisters on your skin. Simply rub the mustard gently on the affected area, and let it dry. Your skin will have a yellowish tinge, but you will definitely enjoy the soothing effect of this condiment.

In the end, the best way to treat sunburn is to simply avoid it. Make sure that you apply sunblock before spending a day in the sun. Retouch as often as you can, and check to see if your sunblock has already expired, before using it.


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