How To Naturally Treat Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that occur commonly in women. Uterine fibroids are rarely something to be alarmed about, but it will also be a good idea to get rid of the uterine fibroids to prevent any complications. Though you do not need to have to have them surgically removed, there are natural ways to remove these uterine fibroids. Follow the steps to be able to treat your uterine fibroids naturally.

  • Take some fish oil or flaxseed oil. Fish oil or flaxseed oil are important in one's diet, since it contains some essential fatty acids that aid in lessening the inflammation of the uterine fibroids. 2 tablespoons of the fish oil or flaxseed oil daily will be enough to supplement your diet. You can also take a tablespoon of Evening Primrose or Borage oil if you prefer a more herbal taste. These oils have GLA, which also helps in decreasing the inflammation of the fibroids.
  • Take dandelion root. They will also help. When you take large meals, be sure to take 300 mg of dandelion root to improve the ability of your liver to detoxify. Dandelion root aids in proper digestion and should be taken after every meal. This clears toxins from your body, which could contribute in inflaming any more of your uterine fibroids.
  • Increase your Vitamin E intake. You should take at least 800 IU of vitamin E daily to increase the effectivity of your estrogen metabolism. Keeping your estrogen levels healthy also reduces inflammation, which help in eliminating the uterine fibroids.
  • Keep your diet organic. Toxins and pesticides are said to be the cause of the development of the uterine fibroids. This is why you should change your diet to decrease the presence of pesticides and other artificial elements. More and more people are seeing the value of having an organic diet, so it is not too difficult finding organic products in the supermarket these days. Though these could be a bit more expensive than usual, having an organic diet is worth it so you can prevent any more uterine fibroids from developing.
  • Always have some fruits and vegetables. You should be able to adjust your lifestyle and your diet to make it healthier. That would mean increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables. You may interchange having these per meal, but it is important that you have at least one kind of fruit or vegetable all the time. This will not only aid in you getting your uterine fibroids cured, but it can keep you healthy over-all as well. You should avoid processed and cured meats as well.
  • Exercise is the key. If you want to have a healthy body, exercise is a great way to keep yourself fit. Getting the blood running and the perspiration flowing helps in releasing more toxins from your body and in keeping your metabolism and estrogen levels healthy.

If you want to have your uterine fibroids removed, you may also consider undergoing surgery. Consult your doctor in the various ways you can treat your uterine fibroids. Though non-cancerous, having them removed is also a good idea so you don't have to worry about complications.


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