How To Obtain your Liquor License in Kansas

The sale of alcoholic beverages in different establishments can definitely increase profits earned, which is the reason why they are normally served almost anywhere you go. There are however certain responsibilities that come with liquor selling. Different states have do not allow just anybody to sell liquor that is why there is a specific requirement for liquor licenses for those who would want to get into this business. Each state may have particular laws with regards to liquor that must be strictly followed. If you would like to sell liquor in Kansas City, You will have to go through a certain process and some paperwork to be able to get a liquor license, much as you would in any other state. Although it may entail some effort, if instructions are followed properly and requirements are accomplished, you may be able to get your Kansas liquor license sooner than you expect. Here’s what you should do.

  • Get your liquor license application packet. You may ask for your application packet for your liquor license from the Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Office, which is the regulatory authority that implements the laws regarding selling liquor in the state. You may also do this online by visiting the ABC official website. You will then be referred to either the Licensing or Marketing unit that handles applications or renewals of liquor permits or licenses. Make sure that you study this completely because you will need to follow all the instructions and submit the requirements stated in the application packet. Failing to complete the information will only make the process a lot longer or you may not be able to get a license at all.
  • Follow the guidelines. You will find that there are several rules specified that you must follow to be able to obtain your license. Statutory requirements state that convicted felons are not allowed to obtain a liquor license. The allowable age required to apply is 21 years of age and above. There will be other requirements that you must study and understand as well. You will also be asked to state what particular kind of license you are requesting for. There is a wide selection to choose from and you must determine which one is the most suitable for you. You will also be required to give information regarding the conditions of ownership of your particular business, such as whether it is a corporation, a partnership, or an individual owned type, among others. Provide proof concerning this matter. This is important information that the ABC will need to know.
  • Submit the requirements. You will need to furnish the ABC with proof of the ownership of property or rental arrangements. This would be a deed of sale if you own the property, or a duplicate of the lease agreement if you are renting a certain facility for your business. The form ABC-280-8 Zoning must then be brought to the city or county clerk for them to complete.
  • Complete your form. Once everything has been accomplished, you will now need to pay your license and registration fees along with the tax bond. You can then proceed to send your application in person, through mail, or through fax. The usual number of days before approval given is about 30 days.

As soon as you are granted your liquor license, you will need to place it in inside your business establishment where it is very visible, which is also a requirement of the ABC.


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