How To Open a Home Business without a License

Opening a home business without a license is possible as long as you know the rules to make it as trouble-free as you can in the short or long term. This means that as long as you don’t try to circumvent the law and try to put one over the IRS, you should be fine. Here are ways to open a home business when you don’t have a license.

  • Find out the laws concerning your state. You don’t have to come right out and ask about opening your business without a license. Instead, find out what it entails to open a business, period. When you have the rules on which you are allowed to open a business, you have a clear picture of how you can open yours without violating any of the rules stated by your state. The most important rule of thumb is that you know fully well that you aren’t violating any law or rule by opening your own business.
  • Know your strengths. Do you think you have the talents or skills needed to open a home business? Here are just a few of the following talents or skills are ideal for this kind of setup:
    • Cooking and baking.
    • Arts&Crafts designing.
    • Interior decorating.
    • Graphic designing.
    • Online game designer.
    • Party organizer or planner.
    • Wedding planner or organizer.
    • Selling e.g. yard sale or flea market selling.
    • Artist or painter.
    • Dressmaking.
  • Make sure you have a market. What’s the use of opening a home business if you don’t have customers? Ergo, you must know if the business you have in mind is something that people need or want.
  • Keep it small and strictly home-based. You can open a business by selling your stuff online or by holding garage sales only during weekends. Learn how to bake and then offer to deliver the baked goods to your customers. If you have great culinary skills, advertise online and offer home-cooked meals delivered weekly for a fee. The idea is to keep your business small so that you can avoid people coming in droves to your home. This will attract the attention of your neighbors. If your neighbors sense something is afoot, they can very easily tip you to the authorities. Your business goes bust and it hasn’t even warmed up yet!
  • Don’t stop learning. If you think about it, opening a home business is easy. It’s sustaining it that’s hard. That is why it is very important to learn as much as you can even when it’s mere yard sales you are into. With yard sales, you want to keep your prices competitive and offer one-of-a-kind finds to your customers, right? So then you have to learn more as you go along.
  • Be prepared to work hard. Opening a home business is a privilege and an opportunity. You not only gain financial freedom if you know how to handle your earnings well but you are also freed from being tied-down to a desk job. However, you must be prepared to give it your all. You might be in for a rough or slow start, but if you are convinced that you have the ideal business to offer, it will pay off.

If you follow the correct steps to open a home business without a license like the ones suggested here, you are almost sure you can protect yourself from being charged for opening an illegal business. Keep it clean and you won’t find yourself in hot water.


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