How To Open a Newsstand

Opening a newsstand is not all about selling papers in one corner. It involves a lot of work before you can call this business a success. From the time you think about opening one to the moment customers are running in for a copy, a newsstand business must be given the right attention. If not, it will not give you the great promises it has to offer. So if you want open a newsstand business, here are the things you must keep in mind:

  • Get an application form for the newsstand business. Before you can open up a newsstand, you need to apply at the clerk's office. In case you reside in a big city, the application can be obtained from the Consumer Affairs department. To double check where to get an application from, gather information from the website of your local government.
  • Submit the application for newsstand business approval. Know where to submit the application form for opening this kind of business. Your application is subject to evaluation for approval or for disapproval.
  • Get approval for the business from the transportation department. When getting approval from this department, you must prepare your building plans for the newsstand. Check further with the department to see the complete set of requirements you need to submit. Take note that an incomplete information or document can fail you in getting the approval.
  • Apply for the approval of the Art Commission. This must be done right after you gained the approval of the transportation department. The commission needs to see if the newsstand you will be building is aesthetically proper in the area of your choice.
  • Seek for other permits or licenses in terms of opening a newsstand. Aside from the transportation and consumer affair departments, you need to seek approval from other departments that are required by the locality. Take note that your local government can have a different set of requirements for you as compared to other cities or counties. For instance, if you are opening the newsstand in a historical area, you still need to seek approval coming from the historical society or any similar association.
  • Learn more about the regulations set by the local government in building newsstands. Even if you have claimed all the necessary approvals for this business, you still need to take note of the regulations that must be followed. Make sure that you follow simple rules such as the right distance of the stand from manholes, street signs, bus shelters, parking meters, and the like. Comply with all the ordinances so you will not find trouble in the end.
  • Build the newsstand and let it be checked by the Consumer Affairs. Build the newsstand according to the approved building plan. You will gain further go signal from Consumer Affairs if you have built the stand in accordance with your application.

A newsstand looks like a simple business. However, opening one can be very complicated. There are a lot of things you need to follow in starting a stand to ensure that you will not encounter any trouble in the future. Follow all the necessary steps unless you want to operate with fear of being caught by the authorities.


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