How To Open a Taqueria

In Spanish, the word Taqueria means taco shop. However, tacquerias nowadays go beyond selling just tacos and specialize in preparing burritos, chimichanggas, and other Mexican foodies. These food shops are often small making them great business ventures for any amateur entrepreneur.

To have an idea as to how to open your own taqueria, here are the requirements and the steps.

  • A location.
  • A working permit.
  • A selection of dishes to be served at your taqueria
  • Dependable staff (optional)
  • Publicity (the good kind)

Starting your own taqueria, or any business for that matter is quite challenging. There are legal matters to be addressed and of course, there’s the fact that you have to keep up with competition.

Here are the basic steps in opening a taqueria.

  • Produce a business plan. As complicated as it sounds, you will have to present this when you try to acquire a business permit. In doing so, try to fill it with all the necessary requirements and information i.e. store name, budget, products and services offered, price range, location, store design etcetera. Once you have planned and laid this out, you can request for the permit for business and acquire all necessary certifications and ids.
  • Study a good location. This means finding areas in your city or state where Mexican food is a favorite. Make sure that the location your are eyeing is conducive to the environment and that your store is accessibly too many. Take into consideration parking and traffic in that area. Most people would not go out of their way for fast food Mexican dishes with their busy schedules.
  • Choose your products wisely. Since you are just starting, try to specialize first on your dishes and only serve those that are cost-effective. Generally, Mexican food is not expensive to prepare and most of its ingredients are found in other Mexican dishes, however with competition just around the corner, you ought to specialize on something that people will keep coming back for.
  • Make yourself distinct. Make yourself stand out through your use of flavors. Whether it is through a special sauce or the infusion of a foreign ingredient in your burrito. The important thing here is that you are able to set your dishes apart from your competitors. This will not only sell, but also help you get the public’s attention most especially if you are just starting in the business.
  • Work extra hard! When food chain owners do hands on in their stores, it attracts costumers. This is probably because they know that their food is not left to the hands of just the employees. While you can opt to work the whole business by yourself from the start, hiring dependable staff can help your new restaurant run more smoothly. Do not allow all the responsibility to fall on you. Learn to delegate tasks and foresee operations.
  • Get attention. Whether it is through advertisements, promos and deals, a grand opening or what not, try to get a hold of the public’s eye to help the business bring in some moolah. In your attempt to do so, make sure that you are able to impress costumers so that they can tell their friends and of course, come back for more.

Just like any business, it works if you work it! Good luck!


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