How To Organize a Closet for Shoe Storage

Organizing a closet entails hard work especially if you have a lot of items. You can start by organizing some closet space for your shoes. If you are one of those people who have a lot of pairs of shoes, then this can take a long time to do. However, organizing is a good thing to do that you can easily find the shoes that you are looking for when you need them. Follow these tips to learn how to organize your shoe closet.

  • Gather all your shoes. Provide some space on the floor and gather all your pairs of shoes. Sort them out. Get rid of the shoes that no longer fit you and the ones that you are ready to give away. Sort the ones that you use often. You can also sort them according to style. Place all the sneakers and rubber shoes in one section and the formal shoes or high heels can be placed in another.
  • Prepare your space and organizers. Clean out some space in your closet for the shoes. You can also use a shoe rack for this. Purchase some shoe organizers from the store to help you in storing your shoes in a safe place. There are plenty of shoe organizers in department stores that you can purchase. Choose the one that best fits your needs.
  • Arrange the space. Practice arranging the space to see if you have enough space for all your shoes. Use a combination of shoe organizers such as boxes, shoe bags, racks, etc to have space for all your shoes. Once you have cleared the area, it is time to organize your shoes.
  • Clean your shoes. Clean your shoes with a dry cotton cloth so that they are ready to wear when you need them. Polish shoes need to be polished. For leather shoes and shoes with special fabric, place them in a clean and closed container so that they can last longer.
  • Arrange your shoes. Arrange your shoes in the organizers. Place the shoes that you often wear in one section where you can easily access them. For shoes that you seldom use, place them in bags or boxes to keep them from accumulating dust. If you are placing them in their original boxes, you might want to put a label outside so that you can easily find the shoes that you need in the future.
  • Seasonal shoes. Store seasonal shoes elsewhere since you will not be needing them often. This includes snow boots, rain boots, summer sandals, etc. You can just put them out when you need them for the season.

Follow these tips and soon you will have an organized shoe closet. Make it a point to do a general cleaning of your shoe closet at least once a year. Get rid of the shoes that you do not use at all since they will just add clutter to your closet. After arranging your shoes, you can move on and arrange your clothes and accessories so that you can have a fully organized closet.


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