How To Organize Kitchen Utensils and Knives

Like many other people, you have probably experienced trying to find a spatula or paring knife while cooking and it took you several minutes of rummaging to actually find one.  Yes, many people like you have experienced the same thing and this is mainly caused by a disorganized kitchen drawer.  Today, you will say goodbye to this way of life by efficiently organizing all your kitchen utensils, include your knives and silverware, in a way that finding a specific item will only take a second or two.  Here are some ideas on how to start.

  • Sort your kitchen utensils.  This is obviously the first step to organizing your kitchen.  Open up your kitchen drawers and remove every kitchen tool and utensil you find there.  If you have a whole bunch of knives, scoopers, spatulas, and the like housed by a can or container, then remove them as well.
  • Place all the utensils you have in your kitchen on a countertop lined with a clean paper or cloth towel.  Now comes the sorting.  What you will want to is sort out each utensil and group them together based on their type.  For instance, bunch knives together in one area.  In another area, bunch all your cooking utensils such as spatulas, cooking spoons, scoopers, and ladles.  In another area, place your silverware together starting with the bunching up of spoons, forks, and table knives.  Keep at it until you have properly sorted and grouped all your kitchen utensils.
  • Start cleaning.  The next step will be to clean.  For starters, clean all the containers and kitchen drawers by wiping it down with a clean and damp cloth.  Once that is done, wash each utensil with liquid detergent and water.  Wipe each dry and place them back into the specified area for them.
  • Start organizing.  Once every single utensil and storage solution is spick and span, move on to organizing.  First off, you will want to have compartments in your drawers if you don’t have one.  You can easily purchase a kitchen drawer organizer from your local home supply store.  These are nifty tools that you can simply place inside the drawers as it already has pre-divided compartments for utensils.  As an alternative, you can also create the organizer using old cartons and shoe boxes cut down to size.  In any case, designated a compartment for spoons, forks, table knives, can openers, graters, and the like and start packing the utensils in.  If space is afforded, include cooking utensils such as ladles and spatulas.  If not, then you can use an old can or jar to hold them.  Simply clean the jar or can and place them on the countertop.  Insert the utensils inside with handle facing down.  This way, you will easily see what utensils are available in that particular jar or can.

For cooking knives of all sizes, it is highly recommended to have a separate drawer for these.  You may likewise install a rack on the wall and hang the knives by size along the inserts.  The rack can be purchased at your local home supply store.

There you have it, a more organized kitchen.  Now you know where each and every cooking tool and silverware is located making it pretty easy for you to find a specific utensil when you need it. 


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