How To Organize Legos

Legos are fantastic toys for any child.  They promote abstract and logical thinking as well as cognitive development while providing optimal entertainment value to a child.  The only drawback with Legos is that they have a lot of tiny pieces and bunching them up together may prove to challenge a child in finding a specific piece he needs to build whatever model he is building.  Furthermore, since Lego sets come in a lot of miniature pieces, if your child is not careful, some of these pieces may get lost or clutter up his room.  This is why organizing your child’s Lego collection is quite beneficial.  Here are some ideas on how to go about it.

  • Consider transparent plastic containers.  If your kid has tons of Legos, then you might want to invest in large storage containers fitted with division and compartments.  You can purchase these containers or boxes at any local home supply store.  They don’t cost too much and you can buy as many as you want in whatever sizes you need.  Best of all, these boxes are stackable so, if you are concerned with space, then this is a solution you can consider.

    To organize the Legos in these containers, you will first need to sort it out first.  There are a number ways to do this.  The first would be to sort the pieces by color.  Simply segregate each piece and place them into a container for that specific color.

    The second option would be to sort the Legos by set.  Most Legos come in sets based on a model you can build for it.  For instance, you may have a Lego set for a castle, another one for a city or town, and other sets for cars and vehicles.  Now sorting the pieces per set can be difficult as you will need to consult the manual and packaging that it came with.  Nevertheless, this is an option.  Obviously, a plastic container with divisions will immensely help your efforts in sorting.

    The third option would be to sort by pieces.  For instance, designate one compartment in the box for 2 block pieces, another division for 4 block pieces, and so on and so forth.  For the platforms, you can place these at the bottom of the container.

  • Consider tote bags.  Now if you are not so meticulous about sorting the Legos by color, set, or size, and merely want to keep the Legos packed and safe when not in use, then you can consider using tote bags.  You can stuff the pieces into the back, seal it, and store it inside a closet or chest.  On the other hand, if you like the idea of using bags instead of boxes but still want to sort and segregate pieces, then simply use 1 bag for a specific type of piece or color and another bag for another type or color.
  • Build and display.  This is by far one of the best organizational options that you can do.  However, it will take a lot of your time to accomplish.  Basically, you will be building the Lego models and displaying them on the shelves you will install on the walls of your child’s room.  Aside from the fact that doing this will allow you to be rid of loose Lego pieces, you can spend some quality time with your child as you build the models, be it a castle, a fort, a city, or a vehicle.  Once you are done building, place the models on the shelves and you are done.

There you have it, 3 fine options to assist you in organizing your child’s Lego collection.


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