How To Outfit a Powder Room

No matter how awesome your party or gathering is, your guests can feel a little put down if they don't have a proper room to touch up in. As a host, your house should have at least one powder room your guests can comfortably freshen up in. You don't have to make your powder room too swanky. It is really easy to outfit a powder room, when you know what the essentials are. Below are some ways on how you can fashion a powder room for your guests.

  • Begin with the essentials. Your powder room should have most of the following: some flower plants, fresh cut flowers, faucets and running water, hand towels or wash towels, a clean and large mirror, good lighting, room scents and fragrances like potpourri or scented candles, some facial tissues, lotions, hand soap, some mouth wash, cups for the mouthwash, toilet paper, and a fully-functioning exhaust fan. If you are able to get all these things, then all the better.
  • Set up good lighting. Your powder room will be used mainly for freshening up and retouching make-up. Make sure that you have proper lighting inside the room. It shouldn't be too dark that it will be difficult for your guests to apply lipstick. But it also shouldn't be too bright that it tends to wash out anyone's skin tone, giving it an artificial color. Install a light switch near the door, where people can easily find it and reach it.
  • Have a faucet that works well. Often, your guests will wash their hands first before touching any part of their faces. You better make sure that your faucet works well and smoothly. Find a faucet that doesn't splash too much water when used, so it won't leave any splash droplets on anyone's clothes. You may install funky looking faucet taps if you want to spiff up your powder room. Have some hand soap ready beside the faucets.
  • Put up a large mirror. Have a mirror that is well-lit, clean and large. You may dress up your powder room further with a beautiful ornate mirror, or you can simply use a simply-designed mirror. It really does not matter what the design is, as long as the mirror is clean, large and well-lit, so your guests can easily check their reflections.
  • Set-up good ventilation. Perhaps the best way to make your powder room feel luxurious and comfortable is to make it smell pleasant. You should do this by installing a proper exhaust vent to keep out bad odors and to neutralize moisture. This makes it pleasant for your guests to freshen up in your powder room, even if it is merely a small space. To add to the mood, you can light scented candles an hour before your guests arrive (make sure the air vent is turned off), so the room will be suffused with a lovely scent. You can also use scented oils, potpourri and light-scented incense. Make sure that you do not overdo the fragrance in a way that it overpowers the nostrils. Leave a light scent to set the mood.
  • Add some extra stuff in. To be able to determine what else to add, imagine what you would want to have in a powder room. Add some hand lotion, near the mirror, a box of facial tissues, mouthwash and disposable cups for them to use, hand towels and a constant supply of toilet paper. Prettify further by adding a vase with fresh cut flowers.

Your powder room need not be like one found in a 5-star hotel. The important thing is that the room is well-ventilated, well-lighted and is comfortable and clean. Your guests will definitely feel more welcome, knowing that you have set up this powder room for them.


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