How To Overcome Cocaine Addiction

All addictions are debilitating to a certain extent. One of the worst addictions, however, is addiction to cocaine. What makes cocaine addiction so much worse than other types of addiction is that cocaine users and addicts need to increase their dosage because the effects of cocaine wears off after some time and the user will then need to increase the amount and frequency of drug intake in order to get the same effect. If you have cocaine addiction problems, here are steps to help you overcome it.

  • Recognize the problem. The first step to treating any type of addiction is admitting that you have the problem, and that you are an addict. Cocaine addiction, like other types of addiction, is both physiological and psychological. The physiological aspect of cocaine addiction involves the body becoming dependent on the drug. The psychological aspect, however, usually revolves around the cocaine addict thinking that he is in control of the situation, and that he can still limit his cocaine intake. The more you deny the fact that you no longer have control over the situation, the lesser the chances that you will reach the day when you will be able to get off the addiction.
  • Know your allies. Next, you need to get some personal help. Very few people go straight to the doctor when it comes to cocaine addiction. Most people are more comfortable when they confide in a good friend or a family member first. This can be very difficult, naturally, for both the user and the friend to whom he will confide. But, it is important for the user to find allies and friends who will help him through his cocaine addiction.
  • Find treatment. With the help of a friend, the user should be able to move forward and get medical attention. Because there are both psychological and physiological effects to cocaine addiction, it is important to get medical treatment. Unlike smoking, which a person can cure himself from all by himself, most cocaine addicts need medical treatment to help mitigate the effects of withdrawal, which can be very unpleasant.
  • Get into group therapy. Apart from medical treatment, the cocaine addict should also try to get in touch with group therapy sessions. While a friend can do much in helping the cocaine addict, other addicts can usually provide another level of help support, drawing from the fact that they have all experienced the same problems and are better equipped to understand what the others feel.
  • Maintain optimism. Throughout the treatment process, you need to make sure that you maintain a positive and happy disposition and outlook. Remember that cocaine addiction can take a great toll on your life. Your addiction can damage your relationships with family and friends, and can interfere with your work and social life. In spite of this, you need to remain focused on your goals and know that it is possible to revive your life, even if not restore it completely.

With these steps, you should be able to wean yourself off from cocaine and stay off it for good. The road to treatment against cocaine addiction is long and rough, but with perseverance and faith in yourself, you should be able to get through it.


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