How To Pamper Your Man for The Evening

Of all the words in the English dictionary, the two that are not often seen in the same sentence together are “man” and “pamper.” But every so often, men deserve some pampering. Whether it’s because he’s done his best to provide for the family or it’s his birthday, the best way to make him feel appreciated and special is to give him a good pampering. It’s still possible to pamper a man, but the activities will differ greatly.

Most of the suggestions below take place in the evening because that’s when most men are available after a long day at work. Some of the activities include your kids and most of them involve only the two of you. But regardless of the participants, the end result is a well-pampered gentleman.

  • TV pampering. Most men will end a long day at work in front of the TV. It’s their way of relaxing after a day at work and it lets them catch up on the progress of his favorite sports teams. It’s therapy for them to sit on their comfortable chair and just watch. Since they’re already seated down, turn the lights low and spark up some incense sticks and prep him for some pampering.
  • Massage. Since they’re already sitting down, you can give them a good massage while they update themselves on how their team is doing. You can use massage oil or eucalyptus ointments to massage his back and shoulders. Include his hands, arms and upper extremities in the massage.
  • Feet massage. Soak his feet on hot water and give it a good cleaning. Dry them out, apply some moisturizer and give him a good foot massage. Start with the feet but don’t forget to include his calves.
  • Kitchen pampering (sexy meal). The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Cook all of his favorite dishes wearing nothing but a sexy apron… or nothing at all. Have him sit in the dining room while you wheel in his favorite food in the buff. It’s a treat for his eyes and tongue.
  • Bathroom pampering
        • Special baths. Draw him a nice relaxing warm bath and let him soak in a special tub with scented candles and you giving him a good, slow scrubbing.
        • Geisha style bath. Draw up a warm bath put in jasmine or eucalyptus oils in the tub and you do the scrubbing for him! Just like the ancient Japanese Geisha, you’ll entertain him as well after the bath. Do a sexy dance while he soaks in the tub, play his favorite song on guitar, just let him soak and feel like a shogun!
        • Special shave. Do the shaving for him! This will afford you time to talk to him to let him know how special he is to you and your tender touch on his face as you shave him handsome. Spark up some scented candles or incense for an added sensory pampering.

  • Beer pampering. Serve beer after every activity as he relaxes.

These are but a few examples you can use to pamper your special guy. You would be in a better position to give him the kind of pampering he will appreciate.


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