How To Pass the oDesk Readiness Test

oDesk is popular among those who wish to work from home. It allows professionals like you find commissioned works. It introduces freelance talents to on-line businesses who demand specific services.

Of course, oDesk has to approve you as one of its freelance talents. It is done by asking you to take the oDesk Readiness Test. Here are some tips on how you can easily pass it:

  • Start with the basics. Visit the oDesk official website. Register by creating your own account there. You can do that by accessing “Sign Up” tab. After that, download the software labeled as “oDesk Team”.
  • Study the oDesk Team Software. The software plays an important role in passing the oDesk Readiness Test. You are expected to be familiar and proficient in using it. So, try to spend time in learning how to work it out. The oDesk Team Software serves as a mechanism. It can readily track the work hours that you have rendered. Don’t worry. The oDesk Team Software is for free. All you have to do is download it, run it, and master it.
  • Access the training room for the oDesk Team. This is not compulsory. However, it is surely going to make a lot of difference in nailing your oDesk Readiness Test. By visiting the training room, you get to expose yourself more in understanding and appreciating the oDesk Team Software.
  • Read and know more about the specific test topics. Like any other test, the oDesk Readiness Test covers numerous topics. Learn about them by going through the information. Don’t get overwhelmed. You really have to read a lot but it is worth the effort. You are surely going to gain more confidence in answering your oDesk Readiness Test.
  • Schedule your own test date. After you have familiarized yourself with the oDesk Team Software and learned more about the covered topics, you should be ready to take the actual oDesk Readiness Test. So, simply go to the oDesk official website and then a window (new browser). Since the test is open book, prep up well. Open more than one browser, if it becomes necessary. Ideally, you should reserve a window when you take your actual test. Then, you should have another one in case you need to search for possible answers.
  • Take your time when you take the test. You don’t need to rush. Be calm. Relax your mind. Since the oDesk Readiness Text is an open book, there is no reason for you to get nervous. Understand the questions well. Guide yourself and figure out where to get your answers. Think logically. Note that there is no time limit. So, it is advisable to go a bit slowly. You can literally take it on your own time.

Once you have gotten your score and you are not happy with it, you can decide to retake the oDesk Readiness Test. Otherwise, after you have received a passing score, you can choose to apply for accreditation  so you can get your assignments as soon as possible.


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