How To Prepare Simple Performance Appraisal Templates

A performance appraisal is a way to evaluate and assess an employee’s overall job performance. This is done to see if the employee is a diligent worker or is a liability to a company. Some of the aspects checked in a performance appraisal include the skills, performance and work ethics. The performance review is then evaluated to see if the employee is a good candidate for promotion or training. Find out how to prepare a performance appraisal template with these simple tips.

  • Heading. The performance appraisal template must have a heading. On the heading, you need to have information such as the office department, name of the employee being appraised, position of the employee, length of service for the company, date and time and other important information that needs to be stated.
  • Employee evaluation. The performance appraisal is divided into 2 parts. The first part, the employee being appraised will answer some questions. This will give the appraiser a pretty good idea of the duties and responsibilities of the person being appraised. The second part will be for the appraiser. Allow the employee to answer the template first before giving it to the appraiser.
  • Questions for employee. For the first section, some of the questions can include the responsibilities of the employee, performance for the year, achievements, difficulties in the job, aims for the position and skills. The employee must answer these questions honestly. Other important information regarding the job and the position can be included.
  • Scoring employee. The next section for the employee questionnaire will be ratings of capabilities and skills. This will give the employee a chance to assess his own performance by rating himself from 1 to 10 based on different areas. Some of the areas can include time management skills, ethics, flexibility, communication skills, deadlines, leadership and more.
  • Appraiser section. The second section is to be completed by the appraiser. This part is pretty much the same as the first section but it is going to be from the point of view of the appraiser. There are also questions that must be answered and ratings for the skills and other areas regarding the job position. Afterwards, provide a section where the appraiser can write down comments regarding the employee’s overall performance.
  • Signatures. At the end of the performance appraisal template, provide a section where the employee being appraised and the appraisal will sign. Other spaces can be provided for other people who will be handling the appraisal form, including upper management and the human resources department.

These are the items that are important when making a simple performance appraisal template. Make sure that the questions on the template are comprehensive. It should cover all the aspects of the job of the employee to get the most accurate results for the appraisal. Appraisal templates can be different for every job position. You can look up some sample templates online that will guide you through the process of making your own appraisal template. You can view and download a simple employee appraisal form from the website Business in a Box.


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