How To Prepare to Install an Electric Garage Door

If you think that only professional can install an electric garage door, you are quite mistaken. These days, no matter who you are, you can take the responsibility of installing this door without getting into trouble. As long as you are prepared for the installation task, you can rely on yourself when speaking of the electric garage door installation. Here, check out these tips to guide you in preparing for the installation of the electric garage door:

  • Prepare the garage area for the installation task. It is important that you start this task by cleaning the whole garage area. Even if you are working on the door alone, it is best to prepare the whole garage area. At this point, sweep the area and make sure you remove dust, debris, or foreign objects in the garage.
  • Give attention to the torsion bar springs. If you have an older door assembly, make an inspection of the bar springs. If there is any damage with the springs, get help from a professional to help you repair the damage. Once the bar springs are in good condition, proceed to the next step.
  • Disassemble the old garage door unit. Make sure you get rid of all the hardware and the cords in the existing unit. You can use the assembly as your reference in installing the new one. You can also keep good parts to serve as spare parts for your new door assembly. When doing this, make sure that the power is disconnected from the unit.
  • Give attention to the tracks and wheels of the garage door. It is important that the tracks and wheels in the unit are in a very good working condition. For instance, the wheels must still be capable of traveling freely through the tracks. Free the area also with obstructions that can hinder the wheels of the garage door.
  • Prepare the new door for your garage. Get all the new hardware that you are about to install for the garage door. Go over the hardware you have for the installation process. It is important that you have all the hardware ready to ensure a smooth operation when you start installing the new door. Make sure you prepare support or structural elements that can hold the motor unit, rails, and track in the entire duration of the installation.
  • Prepare all the tools you need for the installation of the new door. Here's what you need for the installation task: Philips screwdriver, pliers, flat screwdriver, power drill, hammer, pencil, wire strippers, level, and ladder.
  • Arrange someone to help you with the task. This does not mean that you have to get help from a professional. You can ask your son, your brother, or a friend to help you with this task. The whole process will be a lot easier if you have someone to assist you all throughout the process. After all, it is almost impossible to do this task alone.

Now that you are prepared for the installation of the new electric garage door, you can start your task right away. Granted that you have followed all these tips, you can ensure that you will find success in your installation task. Good luck!


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