How To Prepare Your House for Natural Disasters

Though you may not wish it, your house can be one among many to affected by a natural disaster. Whether it is an earthquake, storm or flood, a thorough preparation can go a long way in protecting your home and family from misfortune.

Here are some tips for preparing your home for a natural disaster.

  • Place emergency tools in strategic areas. Install smoke detectors in every room and schedule a yearly change in batteries. Store fire extinguishers in accessible locations and recharge them every year. Update the first aid kit in your emergency cabinet. Keep flashlights near main entrance ways. You should be able to retrieve the necessary emergency tools within seconds after a natural disaster strikes.
  • Store important documents and items in water-proof containers. You only have several minutes to pull out your things when a fire breaks out. By storing unused items in large plastic containers, you can get a large amount out with a single trip. Label these containers and seal them with tape to prevent water from fire hoses or floods from seeping in.
  • Stock up on emergency rations. Buy large quantities of canned goods and bottled water then store them in the pantry. Natural disasters will usually shut down supply routes, leaving entire communities with limited rations. By storing your own supplies, you will not have to compete with scarce supplies on the aftermath, leaving you to focus on your next step.
  • Maintain a generator. Power outages will be common during crises, and your ability to communicate will rely heavily on electricity. A generator will supply you with power provided you have several days’ worth of fuel. Charge up your devices constantly. Avoid draining your power on high-consumption appliances such as fridges, televisions and air-conditioners.
  • Defend yourself from hostile elements. Criminals will take advantage of the instability, and police forces will be hampered by the overall destruction. Obtain a weapon such as a gun, and then learn to use it. Other self-defense tools like mace and tasers can deter marauders. Try dissuading these elements with threats and yelling before resorting to violence. Trip alarms can be useful in scaring off intruders and installing double locks on doorways can hinder their entrance.
  • Prepare an evacuation bag. Sometimes, when a disaster strikes your community, your only option is to leave your home in a moment’s notice. Always have a sizable bag on the ready that is filled up with emergency clothes, cash, rations, water, medication and tools like a multi-tool, flashlight and mobile phone with charger. Have family members do the same. During an emergency evacuation, have everyone retrieve their bags and assemble at a pre-selected area nearby, then proceed to the mandated evacuation center. Lock all the doors, shut down the main power and gas and make sure the pets aren’t trapped insider.

With these measures, you can always respond to natural disasters immediately and be in a better position to recover compared to others. Always be at the ready when the worst scenarios strike.


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