How To Prevent Baby from Getting a Flat Head

A lot of babies tend to get flat heads, because they usually lay in their cribs most of the time. In most instances, a flat head on your baby is nothing to worry about. Although the flat head may be a little bit unsightly at first, your baby will eventually grow out of it and the flat head will eventually even out. If you want to prevent your baby from getting flat head, however, here are some steps that you should follow.

  • Crib position. Start by considering where you position the crib. As much as possible, the crib should be positioned in the center of the room, and not placed against the wall. When the crib is set in the center of the room, you have more freedom to choose which side of the crib your baby’s head will be on when you put your baby to sleep. If you are living in a very tight apartment, however, you will need to change where the baby’s head is directed, so that you will be able to change his head position every night.
  • Change the baby’s head position. Changing the head position during sleep time and crib time is important, because the baby will spend much of his time asleep. By changing his head position each night, you should be able to prevent flat head. If the crib as the center of the room, you simply need to change which side of the head your baby sleeps on. if the crib is near the wall, however, you will need to change which way the head goes in the crib, so that the baby will still be able to see the outside of the crib, which will help the baby to fall asleep.
  • Change the mobile location. When your baby as awake, most of his time will be spent just staring at the mobile. Because of this, you should make sure that you change the position of the mobile every now and then. On some days, place the mobile to the left side of the crib. On some other days, place it on the right side. This way, your baby will not spend too much time with his head on just one side of the crib, which can create a flat head.
  • Foam wedges. Another option is to simply use foam wedges. These are devices that are shaped so that they will accommodate the size of a small infant’s head. Because of the natural curves in the foam wedges, your baby’s head will still be able to follow a normal shape while the baby is sleeping or while the baby is in the crib. Some babies, however, do not like using foam wedges.

Finally, try to carry your baby with you as much as possible. this is not only a great way for you to bond with your baby, but the pressure from lying down will be relieved and his head will have a chance to form itself back to its original shape. With these tips in mind, you should be able to prevent flat head from occurring to your child.


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