How To Prevent Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is something that cannot be eradicated completely, nor something which can be prevented with one hundred percent assurance. But, there are ways to prevent extreme manic depressive episodes and help to stabilize the emotions of a person who is suffering from bipolar disorder. Here’s how.

  • Comfortable psychiatric care. Remember that bipolar disorder is serious mental condition, and should always be given appropriate psychiatric care. If you know someone who is suffering from bipolar disorder, make sure that you get the best psychiatric care possible. There are many psychiatrists who are trained to treat bipolar disorder, but you also need to make sure that the patient is comfortable in talking to the psychiatrist. Without trust between the patient and the psychiatrist, the counseling and treatments will to be very effective. You also need to make sure that you are comfortable with the treatment options that are given to the patient.
  • Exercise. Keeping the body healthy and fit is one way to ensure holistic well-being for the person suffering from bipolar disorder. Make sure that you create an exercise program for the patient. Exercise time will not only keep his body healthy and strong, but will also distract him from thinking too much about stressors, which can lead to manic episodes. Even just half an hour of jogging or an hour at the gym will usually suffice to improve the patient’s well-being.
  • Sleep. Also make sure that the patient gets enough sleep. This is a bit trickier than most people think, because you obviously cannot simply barge in on the person’s bedroom to check if he is asleep. Neither can you monitor his sleep all night long. You can, however, help regulate sleep by making sure that the patient has already finished most of his tasks by afternoon, and that he has an early supper. This way, he will have enough time for sleep. Also make sure that you wake up the patient early and at the same time each day, so that a regular sleeping pattern will form.
  • Diet. Next, check on the types of foods that the patient takes in. it has been said that a person is what he eats. This is partly true, because there are various chemical compounds in food that can give feelings of elation, such as chocolates, or which can possibly make a patient depressed, such as excessive alcohol. Make sure that the patient eats a balanced meal with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Medication. Most bipolar disorder patients are given certain drugs to keep their hormones in check, which in turn will reduce manic depressive episodes. Make sure that the patient is able to take in all of the meds on schedule. Just as important as taking in medication, make sure that he does not overdose on his medications.

Finally, try to reduce the stressors in the environment which can trigger manic depressive episodes in the patient. Although working is not out of the question for patients, you should make sure that the work atmosphere is relaxed enough to accommodate the patient. At home, also make sure that the family members do not stress the patient too much. With these steps, you should be able to help minimize and even prevent bipolar disorder.


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