How To Prevent Motion Sickness by Using Acupressure Wrist Bands

Acupressure has become an acceptable art with alternative medicinal value.  It has been used to treat a lot of illnesses and diseases.  And, it works by applying pressure to the various pressure points all over the body.  Most of the time, acupressure is used to treat physical and mental pain and difficulties.  

This art, according to many people, has known to work on conditions ranging from simple to complex.  For instance, motion sickness, acupressure has known to relieve people of it with substantial ease.  Today, you will learn how to overcome motion sickness using a mere wrist band designed to provide acupressure to certain points on your wrist and hand.

  • Purchase the wrist band.  Obviously, the only way to prevent motion sickness through acupressure is by purchasing the wrist band itself.  Fortunately, a lot of pharmacies sell these.  They come in many brands and are called acupressure bracelets or gloves.  Regardless of what it is called, acupressure wrist bands are normally rubberized and elastic, made of some sort of neoprene-like material.  On the inside of the wrist band, there will be studs made of plastic.  These studs will be specifically aligned to the pressure points in your hands and wrists.  When buying it, you should buy one that comes in pairs, one for each hand.

    If you cannot find one at your local pharmacy, then consider going online and buying a pair.  EBay and Craigslist are the best sites to look.  However, you can also do a quick search on Google for website selling this type of therapeutic product.

  • Know that it works on any mode of travel.  You can use the wrist bands to remedy your motion sickness problems regardless of the mode of travel you prefer.  It is phenomenal for air and sea sickness.  It has been known to work on land trips by car, bus, or truck as well.
  • Read the manual.  Once you get a pair, open it up and peruse the instruction manual that it comes with.  This manual will teach you how to properly wear the bands or bracelets.  It will also tell you when you should use the bands.
  • Wear it when you need it.  The right times to wear the acupressure wrist bands are when you are feeling the motion sickness coming on.  If you feel a slight dizziness or your stomach is beginning to feel queasy, put the bands on.  According to many people, the acupressure bands will start working several minutes after you put it on.  So, do not expect for the early symptoms of motion sickness to subside immediately.  Be patient and you should be back to your normal self soon. 

If motion sickness attacks you quickly, then consider wearing the bands a few minutes before boarding the transport.  This way, you will not even feel the tinge that triggers the beginning of motion sickness anymore.

According to alternative healers and the manual that comes with the acupressure bands, it is recommended to supplement the effects of wearing the band by consuming additional anti-motion sickness pills.  This can only help you prevent motion sickness from taking over.


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