How To Prevent MS

Multiple sclerosis, or MS as it is referred to in the medical circles, is a disease that is commonly found attacking the central nervous system of the body.  Specifically, it is a well known autoimmune disease that can cause a variety of neurological and physical symptoms such as headaches and migraines, memory loss, inexplicable pain in the nerves, chronic fatigues, and the inability to think clearly.  While medication to prevent and treat this disease has become common and easily available commercially, you can augment your preventive measures against this particular disease through these practical tips.

  • Get checked out.  Obviously, if you are experiencing these symptoms for quite awhile now, the best thing that you should do would be to visit a physician and get yourself diagnosed.  A series of tests such as an MRI, blood works, and cerebrospinal analysis may be required.  In fact, it would be wise to make this a yearly habit whether or not you exhibit the symptoms or not.  Getting a doctor to check you out is always the best way to prevent any type of disease, much less multiple sclerosis.
  • More coffee please.  Recent studies have shown that caffeine, taken in large amounts daily, can greatly affect the body’s resistance against multiple sclerosis.  Technically, about 8 cups or more a day of caffeine filled beverages such as colas, coffee, and tea are recommended to efficiently prevent MS.  Now, obviously, the intake of this amount of will be unhealthy as too much of a good thing is always bad.  However, you can settle for about 2 to 3 cups daily.  This should at least provide you with some protection against MS.
  • Increase vitamin D intake, definitely.  You can easily reduce your risks of MS by at least 35 percent if you maintain a vitamin D rich diet.  Studies have shown that the chances of getting MS is cut down significantly when a person generously consumes large amounts of vitamin D daily.  Fruits and vegetables as well as fish and dairy are highly recommended for your diet.  You may want to supplement your diet even more by taking commercially manufactured vitamin D capsules as well.
  • Birth control is good.  According to some studies, the use of oral birth control or contraceptives can reduce the risks significantly for women.  This is due to the fact that the higher the estrogen level is the better immune system you will have.  So, if you are a woman, consider taking birth control pills regularly.  It will not only heighten your estrogen level but it will also aid you in family planning.
  • Reduce consumption of specific food types.  According to the experts, corn, oats, wheat, barley, and other grains can contribute to the risks of contracting MS in your system.  So, it is suggested to reduce your intake of these food types.  Substitute these food types with more beef, poultry, and dairy as these can reduce the chances of MS development.

Now, some of the tips stated here are somewhat aggressive and should be taken with some sort of common sense.  For instance overdosing with caffeine and meats can expose you to other risks aside MS.  So, make sure to keep things in perspective when it comes to implementing these preventive measures.


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