How To Prevent Your Baby from Getting Diaper Rash

Having your baby wear diapers, either cloth or disposable, is very helpful in many ways. Your baby still cannot look after himself so it gives you peace of mind and convenience since you don’t always have to attend to him each time he has his potty and pee break. However, your child’s skin is still delicate and sensitive, making it prone to all different types of skin problems. The most common one is the diaper rash.

  • It is important to check regularly if your baby has a diaper rash. The first thing you need to take note is the skin appearance. Skin rashes often look like tiny bumps on the skin, and in some cases the skin also appears to be swollen. Just the mere redness of the skin can also mean that your baby has it, and upon confirming that your baby has a diaper rash, it is best that you know just what to do.
  • The best thing that you can do to lessen the irritation is to keep your baby’s diaper area always clean and dry for the reason that your child’s skin is much prone to irritation when it is always wet, damp, and dirty. What happens is that when the sweat, urine and stool got mixed within your baby’s diaper, it will cause harsh reaction with the skin, especially if the skin is exposed to these three for a long time. That is why it is important to change your baby’s diaper as often as needed.
  • When buying diapers, you must check as well the materials used for the product. Certain chemicals are also mixed with some diapers for performance enhancement like odor prevention and extended wear time. However, these chemicals can be more of harm than of help to you and your baby. Don’t settle for less. There are much cheaper diapers in the market but their components have proven to be not baby skin friendly so it is better to buy the brands you can trust.
  • Care should also be observed when applying powder, oil, lotion and other hygiene products on your baby’s skin. Many products claim that they are hypoallergenic but you can never be 100 percent sure that they won’t irritate your baby’s skin. To be sure, take extra care when using these said products on your baby and check if there will be any adverse reaction as early as possible.
  • Certain cloth types can irritate your baby’s skin, too, causing your baby to scratch the skin often which can lead to red marks and rashes. As much as possible, choose only cotton fabric for your baby’s clothes. Make sure that they are breathable enough to allow airflow and skin ventilation.

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind to keep your baby’s skin safe from any irritation and skin problems. Diaper rash is easy to be prevented and treated but you as a parent should take it seriously so that it will be treated early on before any further serious skin problems occur.


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