How To Price Used Bicycles

Do you have an old and unused bicycle lying and your garage? Do you want to sell it but you do not know how much it is worth today? Do not fret. There are some things that you can do to determine your old bike’s worth. Of course, you cannot expect to sell it at its original price, especially if it has been with you for a number of years already or if the bike model is outdated. Bike enthusiasts nowadays buy those that have more modern designs. This article will give you suggestions on how to price your bike for sale.

  • Check your bike for damages. First, you have to clean your bike of dust and other dirt for you to check it for damages. Take note if there are any. You have to repair any damage before you can sell it. You can never sell a damaged bike.
  • Repair any damages. If it has gotten rusty from lack of use, repaint the bike so that it will look clean and new. Repair any other damages on your bike, like misaligned wheels, crooked steering wheel, etc. Oil the chain so that it will still run smoothly. A good looking bike will sell faster than an old looking one. Include the repair cost in pricing your bike. Gather all receipts from its repair and add it to the price of the bike.
  • Look online for a site that you can use to know your bike’s worth. There are internet websites that do this. Enter your bike’s information, like its model and year it was made and other specifications.
  • Consider the bike’s age. If you are selling a vintage bike of a well-known brand, you can price it higher because it can be bought by bike collectors. But if you have a bike that has been with you for decades but is not a collector’s item, you can sell it cheaply.
  • The material that the bike is made should also be a factor. If your bike is made from metals like titanium and steel, it can fetch a higher price than when it is made from aluminum and other cheap metals.
  • Include the shipping fee and taxes. If your buyer is from afar and you need to ship the bike, the shipping fee and taxes should be included in the bike’s price. Just make sure that you employ a courier service that is trusted and reliable. You do not want to reach the bike’s destination all broken and damaged.

Now that you have determined the worth of your bicycle and have set a price for it, you can now advertise it so that it can attract potential buyers. The internet is a good place to advertise and eventually sell your used bike. There are websites such as, and rec.bicycles.marketplace where you can put your bike up for sale. Be sure to add pictures of the bicycle, its specifications and of course the price that you are offering. You can also set up your own website if you are tech savvy. You can dedicate this website for the sole purpose of selling your old bike and other items. Not only will you get rid of your old and unused bicycle, but you will profit from it as well.


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