How To Print on an Envelope Using MS Publisher

For those who are planning to put some personal touch to their cards and letters can definitely take advantage of the power of Microsoft Publisher as far as printing on an envelope is concerned. As the recipient of your letter receives it, they will surely love the way you smartened up your envelope. It goes to show that it is very ideal to know the best way on how to print on an envelope using MS Publisher.

  • Starting a project in MS Publisher. After opening the application, click “Blank Page Sizes” in order to start a project in MS Publisher. Different projects are listed alphabetically, and from there look for Envelope. Click on it.
  • Measure your envelope. Get your envelope and a ruler, and then measure the envelope. Once you are done, choose “Create Custom Page Size” where you can input your measurements on the dialog box that will appear. Do not forget to name your template just for reference (any template name will do). Click OK or you can use the navigational arrow next to the measurements.
  • Inserting text. After clicking OK, the envelope will be set on the right pane of the screen. For you to deal with the new size, double mouse click on the Create button or the envelope image. In order to insert text, just choose Insert, then Text Box. You can find this in the toolbar. Your mouse pointer will turn to a crosshair. Left click at the upper left corner of your envelope and drag your pointer toward the lower right side until there is enough space for you to input your text.
  • Typing the information on the envelope. Left click on the inside of the text box in order for you to type the return address. Do not forget to set the font style and font size. It is best if you choose a professional looking font style and a readable font size unless the occasion is casual. After the return address, type the recipient’s name. Do the step on creating text boxes until you are done entering text on the envelope.
  • Inserting images. If you are not satisfied with the look of your envelope, you can add some spice to it by means of inserting images. On the menu bar, select Insert and then select Picture. On the right side, choose Clipart. There are available clip arts that you can utilize or you can select your own photos. Do not forget about resizing the images. Resizing notches on the sides of the image can resize it.
  • Time to print! It is recommended to print a test page before using an envelope. Cut a piece of paper of the size of the envelope you will be using. If there is something you do not like, you can edit your project on MS Publisher before printing.

Once you are satisfied with the way your envelope is printed using Microsoft Publisher, you can create more envelopes and print them as easy as that. Send the envelopes to the recipients and they will surely appreciate your efforts.


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